Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stay at home mommy/daddy zone

Even though we sometimes consider ourselves "work at home" parents we are still "stay at home" parents too.  Working at home means we have double duty.  We need to find time to "work" and make money but we also have the responsibility of entertaining our kids.  That is afterall why we chose to stay home in the first place!   
Somedays it can be easy to find things to do and other days it can be hard.  Somedays are great and somedays are horrible.  Somedays are fun and somedays are boring.  Sometimes we can feel like we are the only ones having those kinds of days and it is nice to find out that we aren't.  There are other people living lives with the same hopes, worries and fears. 
Whenever you are having one of "those" days, click on over and visit the
Stay At Home Mommy/Daddy Zone blog.  Tracey has a great way of making you feel welcome and she has some wonderful stories and ideas to share!
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Awnya Boam said...

This something a group of ladies and I were talking about just the other day. WAHM's and D's truly have a balancing act trying to get everything done with business AND family/home!