Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A "Get Rich" program that works!

Did that get your attention?  That is what I want to talk about today.  Over and over I see questions that start out with the name of a "program" and then asks if it is legit or a scam. 
Think about it, what could it possibly be?  I bet if I wrote an ebook and titled it something like "Secrets of working at home, guaranteed to work!" people would be dumping money into my paypal account faster than I could count it just so they could learn my supposed "secrets". 
I think overall we are a very trusting group of people and we are inundated with this stuff to the point that we believe it!
I was talking to a friend the other day and had to laugh at myself.  I haven't talked to him in awhile and I was telling him how I work from home and that I am happy with the way things have worked out.  At one point I explained that I could go golfing and I was still making money! 
I sounded just like those commercials!  He found it funny too.  He said that was something you always hear about on tv but don't believe. 
I realized I was further enabling these ebook sellers to make more money.  Once my friend tells his other friends that he knows someone who does this, they will be more willing to spend their money!
We want to believe, we drive around our towns and we see the million dollar homes and cars and we have to wonder, "what do those people do?", are THEY the people we see on tv who have nothing more to do than golf, camp and go boating while we are working just to eat?
This all makes us hopeful that there really is a magic formula out there.  Something that will let US play and make money hand over fist and not have to work so hard. 
Now personally I don't know where those people with the million dollar homes work.  I do know that while I am happy with what I make and love what I do, I don't get to live in a million dollar home.  I have a very modest  three bedroom home with one bathroom. 
I also know that there are no magic formulas.  Just because you read it on the internet or see it advertised on tv and even if it has a money back guarantee, the most anyone can tell you is that if you want to work from home you need to start your own business or website, or go into direct sales or work from home FOR someone else who is willing to pay you. 
There are no big secrets or formulas. 
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Where do you spend your time?

There are a lot of readers here who either want to work from home or who are already working from home. 
I thought it would be fun if those of us who work from home share with those of us who want to, exactly how we spend our time each day.
If you are already working from home what is your day like?  Where do you spend most of your time? 
For me, most of my work day is spent on my message board.  It seems to take the most time because I have to search out freebies, find and or take surveys and report anything interesting, there is a game section so I have to keep up on the games, answer questions, etc. 
Next would be my blogs.  They don't take as much time as the message board but are still time consuming.  Third would be taking surveys.  When I qualify for a survey it can take anywhere from 15 mins to 1/2 hour out of my day. 
Where does your time go?
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What do you think?

I think I have mentioned before that my goal is to have a total of 10 websites by the end of June.  I am almost there!  I have four blogs, three websites and a message board at this point.  That puts me at eight. 
Here is the problem.  One of my blogs www.reviewtheweb.blogspot.com is a very easy blog to run but it doesn't get much traffic and only has a couple of readers.  Somedays it is just a pain to take the time to research the web and find someplace interesting enough to write about.  I have been thinking of dropping it. 
I have ideas for two other blogs that I want to get started so it really wouldn't put me behind in my goals if I dropped it.  I would just have to come up with an idea for another website or message board or blog.  :)
What do you think?  Should I keep it up?  Do you find it interesting? 
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lazy days of Summer?

Summer is almost here!  How will those of us who work at home get any work done when there is so much fun to be had?
As you know I need to have a plan in place and a goal to reach or I just won't do anything.  So I am starting to plan and set goals for the lazy days of Summer. 
I do have a couple of options.  One would be to enroll Katie in some kind of summer activity.  Vacation Bible School or something like that where I don't have to be there the entire time.  This would give me a couple of hours a day.
What I will probably do though is make sure she has a lot of activities she can do right here.  Set up some play dates.  Put up a wading pool or a slip n slide.  Just things to give her some good activity levels while I get to work.
The other option is for me to just play all day and then work at night after she goes to bed.  This one will probably happen a few times as well.  I would much rather play than work and one of the benefits of working from home is that you get to set your own schedule!  I may as well take advantage of it!
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Monday, May 22, 2006

What it takes

I want to tell you a story.  This is about a lady I met through my website somewhere somehow.  I really don't remember how she found me but she did.  (You know who you are!)... LOL..
She was just like me when I started.  She didn't know where to begin or how to begin or even really have a good understanding of what it was she was getting ready to begin.
However, she did everything right.  She asked a LOT :) of questions.  She wanted to start a website but she didn't understand how it was possible to make money.  She wrote a few times a day and thank goodness she was patient!
Most importantly, she followed through.  Once she asked questions and got answers she applied what she learned and to the letter!  If something didn't make sense she asked again until it did.  She also did research on her own.   She started her wah business and puts in a great deal of time with everyday.  She continues to do research and learn something new everyday. 
She has done all this in just a few short months and I am happy to say, she is seeing results and probably knows more about the blogging world than I do now! 
The point of this story is that with time, dedication, persistance and perseverance anyone can work from home.  Even you!
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Friday, May 19, 2006

Blogging ideas

Blogging is becoming more and more popular everyday.  It is a great way to earn some extra money.  I think the hardest part of running a blog though is finding things to write about.  Even if you have a specific topic (which you should) you need to find new and interesting things to talk about. 
There are some ways to make this easier.  Join some message boards that deal with the topic you are writing about.  There are people who come up with new questions or ideas.  Chances are if one person has a question there are many more out there with the same question.  Visit other websites with the same topics.  You will often find information that is even new to you. 
I would love to hear from you all other bloggers about how you come up with new topics!  Let me know.. please... :)
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Thursday, May 18, 2006


There was a day last week that I keep meaning to tell you about.  It was a great day.  An absolutely perfect day.  I started out the morning getting just a little work done.  Then I spent some time playing with Katie and getting her off to school.  Once she was at school I headed to the golf course.  I was able to find a friend who would watch her after school so I played a round of golf, came home, made dinner and then set down for a quiet evening.  All the while I realized I was still making money.  I had found my success!
This was a day when I realized that after listening to all the hype when I was looking to work from home I had found my own way.  I did it and I never had to spend money buying lists, paying for advertising, paying for someone else to show me their "system" etc. 
I had figured out how to work from home, make money, have some quality time and all with minimal expense.  The best part is I get to do it just by showing others how to do it.  By telling others about the scams and schemes.  By saving other people headaches, hassles and most importantly, time and money. 
I love my life and my job!
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Update from last week

I am going to talk again about the post I made last week, mostly because I would love to hear your feedback.  Last week I told you about a post I had made on wahmscam but I didn't go into a lot of detail so I will reiterate here. 
Recently on my wahm scam blog I wrote about a company that sells information on how to do "data entry" at home.  This isn't your typical data entry but it is technically data entry.  I explained what the information tells you to do in order to make money from home.
A couple of weeks ago I recieved an email from the owner of the website telling me that I had defamed his business and he didn't appreciate it.  Now I went back and read what I had wrote and I asked some others to read it as well.  The consensus was that I had in no way defamed his business and in fact I had been rather kind.
I always try to be objective in my writing but after all it is my opinion and there are some businesses I like and some businesses that I don't like.  This applies in life outside of the internet as well.  I would never be a stripper but that is how some people choose to make a living and they make a much better living than I do!  I have been in sales for a long time but I can't stand high pressure sales people and I would never elect to do business that way.  There are tons of people online who will sell you information telling you how you can send out the same letter that enticed you and make a fortune.  This is not something I would feel good about.
Each person has to decide for themselves how they will make their living and lead their life.  I can't tell you how to do that but with my blogs I try to give you information on each opportunity so you can make that call for yourself.
So I got another email from the owner of this website yesterday telling me if I didn't take down my post he would be forced to take the next step.    Legally the posting is just fine.  We are all allowed an opinion and we are also allowed to voice it.  Ethically, am I hurting his business?  What do you think?
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Friday, May 12, 2006

When results are great

I just recieved this email and wanted to share it with everyone.  It made me so happy!   As you know the past couple of weeks have been a trial with a lot of negativity because of a couple of not so nice people.  Getting something like this is a great reminder that you are doing something good and helpful regardless of what a couple of others think. 
"i would like to say that ur blog, comments on the scams
(survey and data entry) was a very big help. I and my mom are from
singapore, and we were planning to earn some decent cash from the
Sad to say, what you have stated in your notes and messages abt scam
true, and we were walking right into it. we even fail to get the full
of companies they promised.

to tell the truth, we wasted nearly USD 100 to scams, but thanks to
advices and notes, we even manage to inform others to avoid these scam
and even promote your website as guides. Your initial list of listed
survey companies was the intial start for us to try on. I hope that if
dont mind, could you mail to me the list of 400+ survey companies
hope you dont mind)

Anyway just to let you know and hope it will further motivate you, we
to say Thank You for your efforts and sincere advice on making money
A group of 8 people in Malaysia are grateful to your dedications"

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Day Off

Last week my husband found out he was going to get one day a week off.  Now this is really a great thing because he works seven days a week.  We both do.  I had also been thinking about giving myself a day off but hadn't really done much about it.  This was the perfect opportunity!  He has Wednesdays off now so I decided I would take the same day off and we could spend it together. 
It turns out that there is a tournament this weekend (he works at a golf course) so he didn't get to start his day off this week.  I figured, what the heck, I can still take it off and get some reading done.  Yeah.. okay..
Here is how it went instead:  I had to see if there was another email from the "mean guy" so I checked that email account.  Nope, oh well, as long as I am here I will check my other accounts.  I proceeded to answer a few emails and promised to get some stuff done for some others but made sure they knew that this was my "day off" so I wouldn't get to these things right away.    There happened to be some great survey offers so I had to do those.  They close fast if you don't get in on them right away.  I did get accepted into a $25 study.. so I made some money on my day off.. thats okay right?
Again, "as long as I am here" I decided to check some of the message boards and just catch up a little, including my own.   More messages, I better answer those..  and.. I can play some of the games on my message board, that isn't exactly work... As long as I am here I can also see if there are any good freebies to be found.. find some freebies.. post those..
Took a break, got to thinking about the freebies at www.katieshugs.com and that they are pretty outdated.  I should update those pages to direct everyone to the message board so they know where to find the new and best free stuff.. Did that.
As long as I am here I might as well get the links added to my blogs that I had promised people earlier.  Did that.
Now the day is almost done.. Keep in mind that around all the above I had to take a child to the Orthodontist, make breakfast and lunch, take car of baths and getting a little one dressed and I babysat for a couple of hours for a friend! 
Yep.. this was my day off... Maybe next week?
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

When someone else doesn't like your work

Yesterday was an eventful day!  As most of you who read this blog also read my wahmscam blog this will all make sense.
Just in case you don't know, my wahmscam blog deals with all kinds of work at home opportunities.  I talk about businesses that I feel are great for the work at home parent as well as the businesses that I feel are downright shady and some that fall somewhere in the middle as far as my opinion goes. 
That is the key.  It is just my opinion.  I do some research to find out what each business is about and how it works and pass on that information to you.  I even try to be objective.
Well yesterday I get an email from the owner of one of the businesses.  He feels that I wrote about his business in a derogatory way.  I was kind of shocked since I always try to never say anything bad even if I really feel it is not a good deal!
I went back and read the article and I hadn't said a single bad word.  This guy was kind of threatening and I just couldn't figure it out.  He even implied that I have never signed up with the survey companies on my list.  In fact he was just plain mean. 
So I ended up needing to seek advice about what to do.  It seems I really haven't done anything wrong.  It is perfectly legal to state my opinions.  Whew!  Relief.. I hope today will be less eventful!
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Monday, May 08, 2006

Why I don't spend money on advertising

 My sister called me last week.  First I should explain that she is getting close to being 40 years old.  Throughout her entire adult life she has had the sense that she is "owed" something just because she had a tough childhood.  Keep in mind, there are two more of us who grew up in the same house.  We both help support our families, we both have a good handle on using common sense and neither of us feel like we are "owed" anything.  In fact we both have pretty big hearts and have tried numerous times to help out this other sister. 
The other sister has never held a job for more than a few months.  So what was she calling about?  I haven't talked to her in almost 5 years except for an occasional email from her telling me how tough her life is.  Well she wanted our moms phone number so she could call and see if she would buy her a car.  Now this is particularly funny because she has never paid a dime on the last car our mom bought her and in fact my mom had just sold her property the day before this phone call in order to pay off that car. 
I let her know this wasn't probably a good idea.  Anyway we started talking and she was complaining that she couldn't find any work where she lives.  Well she could find work but she really needed a car. 
Now she is one of those people who really believes that somewhere out there is that one magical way that lets you make money without your ever having to do anything more but go to the bank.  I tried to explain to her that she could make money at home.  I was doing it why couldn't she?   Her response was that you had to have SOME money to start.  I explained that I never had any money to start.  Okay, in all truthfulness I did pay for an upgrade on my website hosting package.  It cost me about $20.  Now I am more than willing to send her $20 to start her own business.  But what about advertising?
Okay, now here is where I make my point.  You have all heard about a lot of my original goals when I started the website, scam free, getting the word out, helping others find work at home, etc.  What I have never told you is that I was also determined to show a lot of people that they are wrong.   I visited a lot of work at home forums and over and over I heard the same thing, you can't start a business for free, you can't make money if you don't put money into it. 
Well here are the facts as I explained them to my sister;  I found more than one direct sales business that would let you start for free and I have never spent a dime on advertising.
Obviously if I had spent money on advertising I MAY have seen a profit sooner but I was determined to show that this could happen with no money invested in advertising.  I spend a lot of time finding ways to advertise for free but it can be done. 
Here are some free advertising ideas to help you too!:
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Free From Scams

It is finally done!  I have spent a lot of time putting this www.freefromscams.com together and I am so happy it is finished! 
Those of you who have been reading know that one of my biggest pet peeves is people who sell information.  Now don't get me wrong.  People have been selling information forever but we used to call it "writing a book".  The difference being that you could always go to your local library and check out the book for free.  You had an option.
The internet has always been known as the information highway and it used to be that you could find most information for free. 
Luckily we live in a world where anyone can profit from most anything and a lot of people jumped on the information bandwagon and realized they could sell the same information that is out there for free.
They also learned how to market and advertise so now when you search for that information you get a lot of links on places where you can buy the information instead. 
I wanted to get the information into one place and for free.  So.. we now have www.freefromscams.  You can find free information about government grants, government and police auctions, paid surveys, lost money, and more.  It is by no means finished and will be a work in progress for some time.  However, it is up and running and you can start getting information for free!
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Work at home teens

This morning I realized that I always seem to focus on work at home opportunities for moms and dads and even grandparents.  However there is a whole demographic of people that I have left out!  I think this happens frequently and not just with me. 
There are a lot of retired people who are looking to work at home and make some extra income, there are people who are disabled for any number of reasons who want to make extra income at can't get out of their homes and just this morning I learned of a whole new group.  Teenagers!  Now I have to say this one surprised me.  I met Xiti on my message board awhile back when he had started a different blog and then this morning I found a message from him that he had started a new blog.  A blog for teenagers who want to work from home!  I thought this was an amazingly wonderful concept and so unique that I had to tell you about it!
Take a look at Xiti's blog here:  http://work-at-home-teens.blogspot.com/  I think you will find it very refreshing and fun to read!
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Monday, May 01, 2006

It's my birthday!

So today is my Birthday!  Guess what Im doing?  I really meant to take the day off and do nothing but read.  I recently got a new book from the library and I am only about two pages into it. 
Working at home means that as soon as a thought comes into my head, I can actually sit down and do something about it.  I don't have the excuse of taking care of it tomorrow when I go into the office.  Now of course I don't HAVE to act on anything, I can just pretend the thought never happened and go back to reading.  It just doesn't work that way.  Of course as long as I am already taking care of one thing I may as well take care of something else.. It is never ending. 
So here I am working on my birthday.  Maybe I will just have to take tomorrow off instead.. :)
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