Monday, May 22, 2006

What it takes

I want to tell you a story.  This is about a lady I met through my website somewhere somehow.  I really don't remember how she found me but she did.  (You know who you are!)... LOL..
She was just like me when I started.  She didn't know where to begin or how to begin or even really have a good understanding of what it was she was getting ready to begin.
However, she did everything right.  She asked a LOT :) of questions.  She wanted to start a website but she didn't understand how it was possible to make money.  She wrote a few times a day and thank goodness she was patient!
Most importantly, she followed through.  Once she asked questions and got answers she applied what she learned and to the letter!  If something didn't make sense she asked again until it did.  She also did research on her own.   She started her wah business and puts in a great deal of time with everyday.  She continues to do research and learn something new everyday. 
She has done all this in just a few short months and I am happy to say, she is seeing results and probably knows more about the blogging world than I do now! 
The point of this story is that with time, dedication, persistance and perseverance anyone can work from home.  Even you!
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Xiti said...

That's great Connie. Good to know more people are making it in the internet world! It's great to see the profits coming in. Congrats to the mysterious woman! Hehe

Ashley said...

Congrats to this women. Nice post Connie.