Friday, December 26, 2008

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The first question to answer is probably what is an Affiliate Marketer?    The best way I can think of to answer would be to say an Affiliate Marketer is comparable to being a salesperson.

You basically "sell" something for someone else.  You can "sell" through your website, through writing articles, blogging, and many other ways.

Your first step is to find out what you want to sell.   There are many affiliate sites that will help you get started. 

Clickbank is popular for those just starting out.  They deal with a lot of ebooks.

Some of my personal favorites are:

Linkshare and Logicalmedia

Sign up with the company that is going to give you the best selection.

Once you are signed up you can pick the websites and companies you want to "affiliate" with.   Once you are accepted you will get an "affiliate link".   This is the link you will use to "sell". 

Place the links and banners containing your unique ID on your website, in your forum signatures and in your articles (if allowed). 

Now when someone follows your banner or link, you will get paid.   Well okay, it's not that easy.   Usually your visitor will need to make a purchase or sign up for a service.   THEN you get paid.  

This is the short version.  For more in depth discussion please visit us at and feel free to ask questions! 

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Will you sell your soul to make a buck?

So it's finally official.. We are in a recession and have been for over a year.   What does this mean when it comes to working at home?  It means more people are looking for ways to make extra money at home.  It also means if you are already working from home you are probably looking for more ways to supplement your income from home.

Which brings us to the point of this article.  There are many make money from home ventures floating around.  Every work at home forum you visit has the spammers.. you've seen them.   A common ploy is the "As seen on Oprah" work at home scam.  It's a cash gifting scam similar to the old fashioned chain letters, "send one dollar to this person, then they send one to you and the next three people". 

That one is a pretty obvious work at home scam but there are others that aren't so obvious.   There are all the "Buy my ebook and resell it" schemes.  Not really scams but they don't really help the person buying the book either. 

Then we have another classic, "Data Entry at Home".  Send in $35 and they tell you how to post the same ad and get money when people request the training materials from you.  The training materials, of course tell your customer to place the ad and do the same thing all over again.   This is also ran as a work from home job under "Processing Orders" or "Order Processor". 

My point is, there are lots of legitimate ways to make money from home for free but none of us are getting rich.   It can be tempting to try one of these work at home schemes or scams just to make a little extra money.   You may have already even thought about trying one of them out. 

What's stopping you?  Your sense of honesty?  Your integrity and morals?  You just KNOW it isn't the "right thing" to do?  

Good for you.  Give yourself a pat on the back and KNOW that there is something out that WILL help you boost your business or help you find that perfect work from home job.  The good people DO come out on top.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

THE Affiliate Program To Join

I know you’ve been struggling to find an affiliate program that actually takes you by the hand and HELPS you to become successful.

I recently heard about Russell Brunson’s new TheSecondTier and I think it might be just what you’re looking for.

If you haven’t heard about TheSecondTier before, it provides unique, innovative promotional tools in addition to being the web’s top affiliate training center.

I’ve personally been part of TheSecondTier for a while now and it’s like an online affiliate club... members only! And the members ever pampered!

I knew you’d be interested so I included a link to TheSecondTier so you could check it out:

No where else will you find such powerful resources in one place and for free! It doesn’t matter what level you’re at as an internet marketer because TheSecondTier will train you to become an overpaid super affiliate.

If you want to know more about this awesome new resource, click here:

For me personally the Second Tier has been more effective than any other resource I have found.

I highly recommend creating your personal membership (FREE) now!

P.S. You'll also get unlimited access their live training calls every monday morning.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding your Niche online.

I have just tonight discovered again how important finding your niche is.   As some of you know already I recently discovered Squidoo all over again.   I have also recently discovered the power of couponing. 

Well naturally I thought "If I had to learn how to really use coupons, others need and want this information."  So I started a Squidoo Lens about couponing. 

Now I had one lens that was started way back when Squidoo first got going and another one that I started a few weeks ago and then I started the one about saving money at the grocery store. 

Imagine my surprise tonight when I checked on the lenses and found that the NEWEST one has had the most traffic.  Three times the traffic that the older one had.

Why is this?  Well I believe it's because I found a niche that people are hunting for right now.   The economy has been and is in a downward spiral.  Everyone is feeling the pinch and looking for ways to stretch their dollars.  The easiest and most obvious cutback is always groceries.   They are looking for the information that I put out there and finding it.

Sounds simple enough and it can be.   If you are looking for your niche, think about what it is YOU are looking for.  If it's something you have to dig deep to find and it helps you, chances are that it will help someone else as well.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Give yourself a raise!

One of the benefits of working at home especially with your own business is that you can give yourself a raise when you need one.

This doesn't really mean that you automatically start making more money but since you are at home you have more control over what and how you spend the money you do make.

Of course you always take on new projects to increase your income but you can also do some things that will greatly stretch the money you already have.

One of the ways I have been stretching those dollars is by couponing.  Over the last six weeks I've been able to spend around just $50 a week for groceries.  Prior to that I was easily spending over $125 a week.   That's an instant $300 a month extra!

I've started a new lens on Squidoo on how to effectively use coupons and get some great deals and even eat better! 

Take a look and get started.  I will be adding more to it but it already gives you a great way to start. 

 Also be sure to check out the coupon section at for the weeks best deals to be had with a few coupons.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Paid Survey Sites

As most of you know I've been taking surveys for around 5 years now.  Since it's my favorite way to make a little extra cash I wanted to share my favorite paid survey sites again.   There are hundreds of sites and you can get the full list by clicking here.  If you just want to try out a few, start with these ones:




Opinion Outpost


Valued Opinions


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What's going on.

It's been awhile but now that school is back in session it's time to put more effort into work and less into play time.   I even have a new blog/website in my mind but that's as far as it has gotten.

If you haven't been to our message board It's Free in awhile, you should definately stop by to visit.  We have grown tremendously this year and have lots of new friends.  We have also started listing paid focus groups for many areas instead of focusing on only nationwide paid focus groups.

Im working on building my Squidoo lens.  I believe I wrote about Squidoo when they first started.  At that time I didn't really understand the concept or point.   However I've been hearing lots of good things lately and the name keeps popping up so today I went and checked it out again.   They have definately made some huge improvements!

There are lots of new modules you can use and it is easier than ever to use and update. 

Squidoo is still looking like a great and fun way to make money so if you haven't started a lens yet.. get busy! 


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Daily work at home leads!

Recently our message board at was revamped.   Well at least the work at home section was.   Now you can find daily work at home  job leads FREE!  We have broken it down into specific areas to make your search easy.. data entry, office work, call center and customer service, etc.

If you haven't visited in awhile, take a few minutes to stop by and give your feedback or just say hello.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Find the Pinecone Research Banner

Everyone who is interested in surveys is looking to find the pinecone research banner.  Look no further! 

PineCone Research is looking for Men and Women ages 18-24, get paid money for giving your opinions PLUS get an entry into a sweepstakes for every survey you take.

Pinecone Research sends out surveys that are generally simple and fast to take and they pay for each and every survey you take... quickly!   Just click on the Pinecone Research banner below to get signed up and start taking surveys for Pinecone.

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