Thursday, March 02, 2006

Affiliate advertising part 7

A little bit more about affiliate advertising and blogs.  You can make money blogging by using affiliate advertising within your blogs.  There are as many ways to do this as there are to use the advertising in your websites and even more reasons.
Blogs tend to get indexed quicker in the search engines which means that your blogs will get traffic pretty quickly if they are interesting and if you are promoting them. 
Since blogs are more personal and updated on a regular basis I think people are more inclined to subscribe and return more often than they do for a static website.  Make your blogs about things that people are interested in.  It can be fun to blog about your goldfish but is he really interesting enough to bring people back every day?  Remember, more visitors means more clicks. 
You will still want to place your affiliate advertisements in spots where they are likely to get noticed. 
The best part of affiliate advertising on blogs is that you will have more choices in the types of ads you place. 
If your blog is about your home life you can advertise for everything from toys to gardening supplies.  If you start a blog about nascar you can advertise performance parts, nascar products, and racing gear. 
Give some thought to why people will be visiting your blog and you will be able to make good choices about the types of advertising you offer.
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