Saturday, March 04, 2006

Remembering why I work from home

Today was a great lesson in why I work at home.  I work at home everyday but on the weekends I also work outside the home.  This morning while I was getting ready to go to work Katie wanted to play ball.  I had to explain that I had to get ready for work.  She burst into tears.  Now this isn't a usual occurance so it kind of surprised me.  She told me she wanted me to stay home forever and not go to work.. I felt so bad but I remembered also the days when we would cuddle for just a few minutes and then I would take her to daycare and I wanted to yell.. NO I want you to stay here forever! 
I also had to remember though that for the most part I LIKE working on weekends.  It really is the only time I get away from the house and have some time for me.  I don't belong to a bowling league or any other kind of league or group so I don't have a regular day or evening that I get away.  My getting away is going to work.  I work at a golf course so I get to see the regulars who are like friends and I get to meet new people too.  It is a nice break from sitting in front of a computer all day or even playing balls or barbies all day. 
Getting away is something we all need to do for ourselves.  Whether it be a regular day that you go to the gym or getting out of the house to go to "work" a couple times a week.

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