Friday, March 10, 2006

Blogging for pay

I know this is a topic that has been done to death but recently I have had a number of people asking me if it works and how to do it.  So I thought I would go over a few things.
Yes you can make money money blogging.  In fact there are more ways to make money with a blog than with a website.
I have recently seen a lot of growth in income opportunities and new ways that website owners are using blogs and bloggers.
Two of the newest opportunities I have seen:
Websites offering payment per blog article for bloggers. is seeking bloggers to write up to three times a day.  They have huge list of topics they need covered. has started an affiliate program that is different than most.  Instead of just placing ads on your blog and waiting for clicks they give you a phrase to use in your blog.  The phrase is your affiliate link.  Instead of paying per click or sale they pay per phrase.  You will get paid as long as your article and the link are approved. 
I have a feeling bloggers are going to see even more opportunities like the above. 
I could spend a few days or weeks writing about exactly how to go about setting up a blog and what you need to do to make money but instead I am going to direct you to a complete series on blogging written by Gayla McCord.  If you are at all interested in blogging this is a MUST read:  
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Xiti said...

Hi, I was reading this, and noticed you said something about looking for writers. I went to their site, and couldn't find anything dealing with how to apply to write for them. Any information on this would be incredible.


Connie said...

Sorry about that. I meant to add the direct link. I will try to find it again and fix the post.