Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Your wah workspace

When I started working at home my workspace was HORRID.  I had a little tiny desk that was falling apart with things crammed everywhere:  You can see it in the background here.
It was so bad that the little table the keyboard rests on was broken and would only pull out a little bit so you had to be very careful.  That little table fell off more than once.  However.. it was what I had and you make do with whatever you have.  I do remember though how uncomfortable it was.  If I needed to take notes it was quite comical. Typically I would just go use the kitchen table and run back and forth or just copy and paste whatever I needed into Word and then later forget where I saved my notes. 
Thank goodness my husband bought me a new desk for Christmas! 
Let me tell you!  This made a world of difference!  Not only in my ability to get things done easier and more comfortably but more importantly in my desire to get more done.  It seems like having a good workspace makes me feel more professional even though I am at home.  I suddenly didn't mind working for hours at a time.  I enjoyed it!  I FEEL like I am at work when I have all the little things handy, pens, pencils, my coffee cup, pictures of my kids, etc.
So, I think it is important to have a workspace that you feel good at.  When people walk into my home and ask what I do, I can point to my little area and feel good about it and they no longer look at me like I have lost my mind.   If you feel professional, you are more likely to act professional and more likely to succeed at whatever you are doing. 
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