Thursday, February 16, 2006

Top ten ways to drive traffic to your website

So you have built a website? Terrific! Now what? Now you want people to see it! There are a number of ways to do just that! Best of all there are a lot of FREE ways to do that!

1. You can always advertise! This does not have to be expensive. Buy advertising at places that generate a lot of traffic and make sure you are advertising where people need what you are selling. If you are selling fruit flavored bubble gum it won't do you much good to advertise AARP.

2. My personal advertising choice is FREE. Classified ads serve a dual purpose and there are still people who read them. Go to almost any website and you will find a classified ad's section. One of the most popular classifieds websites is You can advertise to a specific region or nationwide. Another one is at They have quite an extensive classifieds section.

3. Write articles. You can write articles on most anything. Make sure it is informative and free of errors. Once it is done you can submit it to other websites, or post it to places that specialize in content. You never know who might grab it for their own website! Make sure to include an authors box at the end and include your web address. Free advertising.

4. Join communities! Before putting your website in your signature make sure the owners don't mind. Read the terms and conditions and rules. DO NOT go out and randomly place advertisements on websites. You will quickly find yourself banned. A LOT of message boards have a specific thread just for placing advertisments. Go ahead and put up your website in those places. You never know who will read it!

5. Use your signature in emails. Go into your email program and find out where to add a signature. Set it up with your name and website address and use it on all your emails. Especially the funny ones that always get forwarded!

6. Get a stamp with your websites address made up or stickers. Use them on all the mail you send out through snail mail. Just think of all the people who handle that piece of mail before it gets to its destination!

7. Get some window clings made up or make them yourself and put them on your car. You can get the stuff to do this yourself at wal mart.

8. Make up some flyers and post them all over. There are message boards everywhere, the grocery store, the laundry mat (Everyone who ever goes reads the bulletin board!), wal mart, etc.

9. Make up some business cards and hand them out whenever someone asks what you do and even if they don't! Always hand out three. This gives the other person an opportunity to hand out two and keep one.

10. Start a blog. If you sell handmade jewelry, start a blog on how to MAKE handmade jewelry. Include your website address in the links section and your signature. Make sure to update it regularly at least 2-3 times a week. Everyday is better if you can do it! FREE list of survey sites that pay, FREE list of mystery shopping companies, FREE list of Telecommuting companies. Join our message board for daily survey and freebie updates!

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Olive said...

Thank you for the good info.

Jo said...

Thanks for all the suggestions and what's more they will not break the bank.

Jodi W. Brown said...

If your comment is insightful and contributes to the value of the original post, you'll have other readers of that same blog post find your comment and many times will click through to your traffic cheap

Jodi W. Brown said...

Blogging as part of your business can not only drive more traffic to your site, but it can also position your company as a thought leader within your pet business adult traffic