Friday, February 24, 2006

Affiliate advertising

Well I figure I have spent so much time talking about websites and how to build them and how to get traffic that I should probably talk a little bit about affiliate advertising too.  
Now that you have tons of traffic coming into your website you should probably know how to make some money from it! 
Affiliate advertising is fairly simple.  You sign up with different companies and agree to put their advertisements on your website.  Whenever one of your visitors clicks on the merchants advertisement and makes a purchase you make money.
There are other types of advertising where all your visitor has to do is click on the ad and you make money. 
I was on a message board a few weeks ago where someone had asked about affiliate advertising and someone else responded that it was a dirty word among some people.  For the life of me I still don't understand why unless they believe that you can only be an affiliate for scams.
Google adsense offers the most popular form of affiliate advertising.  Take a look at almost any website and you will find advertising by google. 
Another popular form of affiliate advertising is selling products for specific companies.  You can offer just about any product you can think of. 
What is your website about?  If it is about parenting issues you can offer parenting magazines, toys, and daycare options and probably find a source of income by doing so.
Over the next few installments I will talk more about where to find these sources of affiliate advertising, the best programs to sign up with and how to go about it.  I will also tell you some how to set up your advertising to make it easy to find and encourage your visitors to want to visit the merchant.  In the meantime think about what your website can offer your visitors and what types of things will fit in best with what you are trying to accomplish.  
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