Monday, February 20, 2006

A day in the life of a wahm

I had every reason to expect that I would get caught up today. Here were my plans: Write in both of my blogs, add some pages to the new scrapbooking site, write an article on how to use watermarks for, submit new website and blogs to directories.
Here is how it went: 5:15am, hear cries from Katies room. Go into room, she is scared and no one heard her yelling. Take her into bed with us. 5:25am, she is hungry. It is time for hubby to wake up anyway so he gets her up and gives her some cereal. 5:39am, hubby wakes me again to tell me we have a situation. The new pet goldfish is belly up, do I want him to "handle" it. Decision: Flush the fish and hope she doesn't notice before I can replace it or leave it and take the chance she will notice and have to explain that the Wincey is now in heaven with Princess her cat? Decide to leave it and hopefully it won't be too traumatic. 5:45, hubby comes in to wake me up again to let me know he is going out to scrape his windows. Give up on sleep and get out of bed. Hubby explains he is not leaving just scraping windows. Go back to bed. 6:05am, give up completely and get up to have a cup of coffee and get started on the workday. Check email, explain to Katie that I am going to work until 9:00 am and THEN clean house and THEN we can play. Answer emails. 6:30 go in search of a fun site to write a review on. Find one, hmmm so interesting I spend the next hour there. 7:30 write a review. 7:40am start looking for freebies and check out surveys for (message board). Enter in new freebies and surveys, catch up on games, answer questions, and take surveys that may not be so great but then again might turn into something wonderful. 8:05 check individual survey sites to make sure I didn't miss anything.
8:15am wake up teenage daughter to prepare her for the fact we ARE going to clean house even if it is Presidents day. 8:30 get Katie fresh cereal as dad forgot to add sugar earlier and she likes sugar in her cereal. 8:35am Check out other sites where I might have PM's to answer. Answer PM's. 8:45 get dressed and find Clothes for Katie. 9:00am go to store to get new goldfish and bread. Pick up bread and other groceries. Go to pet store which is closed... Find another pet store, explain situation with dead fish. Get advice. Come home, put stress coat in water and sneak new fish into fish bowl.
10:30 Call mom of Katies friend to set up play date. Learn they are going swimming at YMCA and she will be here in 20 mins to take Katie with. Dress Katie, brush hair (not easy) wash her face, find swimsuit. 11:00, other mom calls to say they will not be going swimming after all and she will be away from home for the next hour and a half. Explain situation, come up with alternate plan. 11:30 leave to go to Walmart to get a few more needed things. Listen to pretend siren sounds the entire 20 min drive. Spend another 10 mins finding a parking spot. 12:15 finish shopping, go to play spot in Walmart. Given broken toys at least $2 in quarters and then head over to in store McDonalds. Have lunch and head to parking lot. Get child in car seat, load up groceries, and open Mcdonalds toy hoping for peace and quiet on the way home. Drop katie off at friends house. Come home with a master plan. Get some work done. Read Pm's from helpful other work at home parents. One has found a link to a new blog template. Quickly, copy and change template in blog. Almost works. Read over HTML which is like a foreign language and make some changes. It works! Make a few other updates and changes. 2:00pm, hubby comes home. Fold clothes and change sheets on bed. Check on fish and discover it too is dead. Get hubby to flush new dead fish and dump out half the water. 2:30 head to pet store to get new goldfish. Come home, place fish in bag in tank to let water reach the right temp. Fold clothes. Come back to work to find hubby had taken over the computer to play games. Start dinner and make bed. Watch tv since I can't work yet. 3:45 ask hubby to go pick up Katie from playdate. Hmm not quite 4 he can play another game. Check on clothes and turn dryer on again. Tell hubby about day while he plays game. 4:00 he leaves to get Katie, finish up dinner. 4:35 Katie is not hungry but she sure is cranky from heing up so early. Make Katie a bubble bath. 4:50 she decides she is hungry, doesn't want bath. Remind hubby he has 10 mins before he has to be at work and he hasn't eaten dinner which is why I cooked it to begin with. 5:00 kiss hubby goodbye while he heads off for second job, get Katie in bath. Wash her hair... Come back to finish working on blogs. 5:30 Get Katie out of bath and into pajamas, play roll the ball and a few games of Hi Ho Cherry Oh. Now it is 7:05 and I am finishing this blog. At 8:00 I will get Katie into bed and read her story and then back to the message board and to find more freebies. I should be done with work by about 9:15. This is the world of working at home on a typical day. Fit in what you can and work around the rest. I love it... FREE list of survey sites that pay, FREE list of mystery shopping companies, FREE list of Telecommuting companies. Join our message board for daily survey and freebie updates!

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