Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Find a work at home mentor

As with everything else in life if you don't know what you are doing you have two choices.  You can either try to figure it out on your own or you can ask for help. 
In the work at home sector not only will you save time by asking for help you will also probably save money. 
There are people online who are working from home and there are people looking to work from home and luckily there are places where they all come together. 
If you find these places half your battle is over.
I would love to place a link to my website and say this is where you should go for help but I have to give credit where credit is due.  I regularly turn to for advice and help and I need it everyday!  The ladies and gentleman there have an amazing collection of real life knowledge and they are always willing to share.  Any of you who have read my blogs before probably notice the change.  I have spent weeks trying to figure out how to make these changes on my own and I have also spent countless hours messing everything up. 
Over the past two days I have asked a couple of questions and presto, a whole new look and an easy to use template. 
There are countless other sites on the internet where you can find help but it is imperative that you can trust the help you are getting.  I have visited sites where the members are knowingly promoting scams and things that just don't seem quite right.  If you have even the tiniest feeling that the venture you are about to embark on might not be so great, find a mentor and ask. 
Most people will not mind and will even welcome your questions.  I get emails and PM's daily from people wanting help or wanting to know if a program is valid and I never mind answering those questions. 
I would rather spend 5 mins explaining why something is or isn't good than have someone spend money they can't afford on a program that will go nowhere. 
Here are some other great and trustworthy places where you can get great advice on working at home:
Keep in mind the above is not a complete list.  There are countless resources and work at home websites, these are just a few that I know and trust. 
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