Saturday, February 25, 2006

Affiliate advertising part two

There are a number of places where you can easily sign up to be an affiliate for thousands of different companies.  These companies range in size and popularity.   You can be an affiliate for everyone from e-book publishers to Wal Mart. 
Some of the more popular affiliate sites are (Commission Junction),, and 
Personally I have not used Clickbank so I won't comment on it other than to tell you it is out there.  Another one that I just recently signed up with and am really enjoying is  They offer a large range of companies and they also make it really easy to get datafeeds for your site (another topic altogether!).
Before you start signing up to become and affiliate you will want to make sure your website is fully up and running.   Some places like will delete your account if you haven't had a sale in a certain amount of months.  This means if you don't already have steady traffic you will probably lose your account and have to sign up again and apply to each company again.
What happens is this:  You sign up with the program.  Then you can go through and look at the companies available for you to become affiliated with.    Then you apply to be an affiliate for each individual company.   Some companies will give your site automatic approval and other companies will actually have a person take a look at your site and either approve it or not. 
If you don't get approved for a company, don't take it personally.   They will tell you a number of possible reasons why you didn't get approved.  Remember, these are POSSIBLE reasons.   If you see anything on the list that might have disqualified you like not enough traffic, just wait until you reach that traffic level and reapply. 
More to come!
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