Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Affiliate advertising part 4

Now that you know which companies you will be advertising for you will need to decide how best to give them exposure.
One of the most effective ways of advertising is within your content.  If the advertisement looks like part of your content people tend to be more inclined to click and look. For instance if you were writing about gumballs you could say that "Wifflemore Gumball Company recently introduced a new line of gumballs guaranteed to never cause a cavity."  The "Wifflemore Gumball Company"  would be a link with your affiliate id. 
It is also important that your banners be where people can see them.  It is very tempting to just place your buttons and banners at the bottom of the pages where they will be out of the way but it also defeats your purpose!
Since one of my websites is about free stuff I will always place a banner from a company offering a freebie right at the top of the page where it is at eyelevel with my visitors.
This means it is the first thing they see when they visit and they will be more inclined to click it if they are there looking for freebies.
I have also recently started putting my google adsense ads in the middle of my content.  I have taken away the background as well.  I don't know why this works but it has increased my CTR.
My theory is that the ads no longer look like ads and since they are in the middle of the content you almost have to read them to get to the next paragraph.
Take a look around the internet at various websites and notice where they have placed their ads.  Make a note of which ones stand out to you and why.  By doing this you will have a better understanding of where you should place your ads.
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