Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Common Sense

It sounds like common sense when somebody tells you to use common sense when evaluating a business opportunity. And yet, 95% of Internet marketers don't do it. They throw all reason to the wolves and pray for miracles and then wonder why they aren't making any money on the Internet. Honestly, it is hard for me to have any sympathy for these people. But assuming that maybe they just don't know any better and honestly believe that the hype they are fed is the actual truth and gospel, I'm going to attempt to show, by example, how ridiculous it is to believe some of the stuff that crossed their path each day.

I was just going through my email box of one of my accounts and saw a subject that read "The best $6 investment you'll ever make." Now, at first I was thinking that maybe there was some piece of software or tool that only cost $6 and did something useful. I mean after all, not everything that is useful has to be expensive. So, I opened up the email. This is what I found.

The person went on about how if you join this site and spend just $6 to join, you can turn that $6 into millions. And then they began to explain to me how this works, more or less. Bottom line. It was another pyramid scheme. But let's say you didn't know that. Let's say this all sounded legit to you. Think about this logically and use some common sense.

In the offline world, would you even imagine being able to make millions of dollars from a $6 investment? If you have any knowledge at all about starting a business in the offline world then you know it takes thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. But let's say you didn't know that and were naive enough to believe you could start a business for $6. You decide that you want to open up a corner store and sell deli. There just happens to be an empty store front around the corner from you so you don't even have to drive to work. So you go to the landlord and tell him you'll like to "lease" the store. You tell him you'll pay him out of your profits. He then laughs in your face and tells you that it's one month security up front and the monthly lease is $3000.

Do you see where I am going with this? That's before you even buy one ounce of deli meat, which I might add is also going to come at quite an expense. You think Boreshead is going to send it to you and tell you that you can pay them later?

The point is this. Name me one business in the off line world that you can start up for $6 and make millions of dollars from. I'd personally love to hear it. Unless you're either a wise guy or so totally clueless that you think Fred Flintstone is a new brand of cream cheese, then you know that making millions from $6 is just not possible.

When you're evaluating a sales pitch or business opportunity, use some common sense.

It will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Reprinted By Steven Wagenheim from his Home Biz Help Center.
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Steven Wagenheim
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Monday, November 27, 2006


Whydowork.com is a great little forum for anyone who is looking to find a good and legitimate way to make money working from home. 
The members are always well spoken and very helpful.  I am personally not a member of too many forums but I ran across this one last year sometime and I have never been disappointed with the information I have gotten there. 
They have sections for articles, scam reports, places where you can ask questions about an opportunity you are looking at, get paid to, data entry, reselling, etc.  Most anything you can think of in the work at home world is covered here. 
If you are looking for some good work at home feedback or need information give Whydowork.com a few minutes of your time!
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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Love PayPerPost

Are you tired of hearing about PayPerPost from me yet?  There is a reason I talk about it so often and so much.  It's because I love it!  If you are a frequent reader you know that in the beginning I was a little worried that it would turn out to be one big flop.  I have been with them for quite awhile now though and it is only getting better and better.  They have changed the format a bit and you do need to get each individual blog approved and it is taking a little longer to get your posts approved but that is all just a growing pain. 
For anyone looking to make extra money working at home PayPerPost is a very simple and easy way.  Just log in each day and look for an opportunity that fits in with your blog, write a post, include the appropriate links and you are done!  Easy money.  I love that I can have some control over how much money I make on any given day now. 
I have tried other blog advertising programs but I must say I love PayPerPost the most! In fact it is the only one I use these days!  Give it a shot and make some money at home!
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Earn Extra Points!

You all know I love Clubmom.  It is a great website with a ton of useful and helpful information.  Right now you can earn extra points for submitting Playskool toy reviews! 

Click here:  Join ClubMom for FREE today and earn 100 reward points when you review PlaySkool toys.


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Antonio Master Impressionist

Okay so you want to work from home.. Here is a unique opportunity! You can become a Master Impressionist! Im not exactly sure how you make money being a Master Impressionist but it looks like a lot of fun. In this fun video Antonio Master Impressionist performs his greatest feat ever! You will have to watch to see what that is but I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face. Okay so you probably won't make a fortune as a Master Impressionist, Antonio certainly won't, but we all need a break from the mundane working world now and then! Enjoy! You can make some money by joining PayPerPost and writing a blog though!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Are all MLM's a scam?

This is quickly becoming my newest pet peeve.  I was just reading a thread where someone asked if Ameriplan was a scam.  There were three responses, two said it was a scam and one said it is a discount plan.  Now I know a lot of people who work with Ameriplan and love it.  They love the discounts and they love the opportunity to work from home. 
Why oh why do some people believe that every MLM company is just a scam? 
A scam is where you pay for something and get taken.  For instance when you decide one of the "stuff envelopes at home" deals is a great opportunity and fork over your hard earned money to try it out and then find that you are expected to post the same ad you answered and then "stuff" the envelope with the same information telling your customer to do the same thing, that is a scam.   Okay I know that was long winded and probably didn't make much sense but you get the idea. 
I wanted to pass out this information again because it is GOOD information.. MLM vs Pyramid scheme.. how to tell the difference. 
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Friday, November 10, 2006

Working at home choices

I was just thinking.  Actually the post about why I love working at home got me to thinking.  It is really important that when you are deciding on how you will make money at home that you think about what you want to get out of it.  Money is of course one thing you want but what about the lifestyle you want to have. 
If you have been reading this blog you already know there is a difference between working at home and having a job vs working at home with your own business.
If you are picking a job keep in mind that you will have to be more disciplined and keep some regular hours. 
The same thing applies to a direct sales business.  You will need to be organized and schedule regular home parties or flea markets and holiday fairs to keep your income coming in.
Building websites was the perfect choice for me because I wanted to be able to make money even if Im not sitting at the computer.  I love the thought of a regular income and having control over how much I make which was what attracted me to Cha Cha but once I gave it some thought I didn't want to be sitting at the computer to make that hourly income.  I want to be able to move away from the computer at a moments notice. 
I just wanted to give you a few more things to think about when you are choosing how you will make money at home.  
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Get The Job

If you are looking for a job that allows you to work from home rather than starting your own business it can be tough to find a good and honest resource. 
There are a lot of companies that hire people to work from home but they can be few and far between.   The first place most people go to look is online.  The first thing they find is a lot of empty promises.  It is important to use an online resource that you can trust. 
www.GetTheJob.com is a great resource. 
GetTheJob.com posts listings from direct hire companies only; meaning there are no postings from headhunters, third party recruiters or too-good-to-be-true scam jobs.
The best thing about this site is that their database covers the hidden job market as well.  You can find positions and jobs in all kinds of different catagories.  I gave it a shot and just searched on the term "work from home".  I was pleasantly surprised to see the top listing was for an "At home Customer Service Representative" in Utah. 
These jobs can be so difficult to find.  If you are looking I would suggest you start at GetTheJob.com .
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Things I love

What I love about working at home... I think it is important that we remind ourselves of this often... I love that I can get up at 8 am instead of 6 am.. I love that I can stop working and go shopping whenever the urge hits (I actually did just that this morning).  I love that I can pick up where I left off at anytime of day and nothing is affected.  I love that I can eat lunch in my own home.  I love that I can stop and play a game with Katie.  I love that I can spend a day reading a book and know that I am still making money.  I love that I am here to be a Girl Scout leader and a mom.  I love that I can help my friends when they need it.   The things to love about working at home are endless. 
What do you love about working at home?
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Complete guide to buying a house humidifier

Working at home in the Winter also means lot's of dry air, closed up rooms and heat.  If you are like me you will find yourself experiencing a lot of unpleasant symptoms from this type of environment. 
Every since we moved to Boise I have suffered from sinus problems and in the Winter is when they are the worst!  I constantly feel stuffed up and suffer from sinus pressure when the humidity drops.  Most of last year I relied on sinus and allergy medicine.  This year I have done some research.  I could have used common sense here too but I forgot about that!  If the humidity drops and causes you problems the easiest solution of course is to increase the humidity.  You can do this simply with a good humidifier. 
I found a great website that offers a lot of different styles to fit whatever your concerns are.  I never even knew you could humidify your entire house!   Take a moment to visit this website and look over the complete guide to buying a house humidifier .   I think you will be very pleased with what you find!
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On Track

Yea, it's Winter again!  Since I started working from home this has really become my favorite season.  Don't get me wrong, I still hate the ice and when I must drive on snowy, slick streets but when it comes to work, this is when I get the most done.  Or so I thought.  It seems like since cold weather hit I have busier than ever! 
I think what is really happening is that I need to readjust.  I need to get back in the habit of sitting down and getting to work instead of trying to keep the same schedule we had over the summer.  I'm not sure that makes sense unless you are already working at home and going through the same thing.
What I am trying to say is I got in the habit of doing certain things everyday and on specific days.  Now I am still trying to cram everything into a few hours instead of slowing down and taking it step by step. 
I have actually been doing better.  You will notice a lot more posts this week than what I had over the past two months! 
I guess my whole point is that this is something to watch out for in your own home business.  It is easy to get off track and not so easy to get back on. 
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Affiliate Marketing

I was just in the wahmscam blog writing about affiliate programs and what is good and what types of programs are not so good.  I have already written a lot about this here but there are new types of programs popping up all the time.  If you are interested in joining any type of affiliate program it might be good to read!
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Affiliate Marketing Forums

Speaking of affiliate programs.  If this is an area you are wanting to get into you will want and need to learn a lot of information. 
Probably the smartest thing I ever did was join a forum that was specifically about affiliate programs.  This makes it very easy to learn new marketing techniques, keep up with the world of SEO and hear what others think of programs you might be looking to try.  There will always be programs you haven't heard of and getting information on these programs from people who know what they are doing and have already tried them can be invaluable! 
Affiliate Marketing & SEO Forums is just the place to find out everything you need to know to be successful in affiliate marketing.
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Choosing a Domain Name

While we are on the subject of website building here is an interesting twist!  When you are choosing the name for your website you might want to pop in to the wayback machine and check out the history of the domain name you are selecting.  Read what happened to Katelyn when she built a new website for preschoolers: 



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Monday, November 06, 2006

Choosing a webhost

If you are ready to start your website and make some money working from home your first step will be to choose a host for your website.   This isn't as easy as you might think.  There is a lot to consider and I am often asked how you should decide on your host.  You will want to spend some time picturing how you expect your site to look in the end and what you want to get from it.  This is one area where the cheapest isn't always the best.  You can get web hosting for free but there are consequences that go along with it.  I recently saw a question about how to insert HTML into a new and popular hosts program. After doing some research I found out this couldn't be done.  I can't even imagine not having that ability. When I was choosing my webhost it was important to me that I have sitebuilding software that would be easy to use and it was important for me to have easy built in access to traffic tools and emails. 

The bottom line is that you will want to find a host that gives you the tools you need to build your website and that is also within a price range you find acceptable.  Think about the space you will need, the tools you will want, and the price you will want.   If you are new to all this it can be a little intimidating.  I recently ran across a website that can help you figure all this out.  You just plug in what you want and need in a webhost and they show you the best matches for your needs:

Find a Web Hosting Provider Now


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Be careful what you take on!

Being at home means you are percieved as "not working".  This can get you into trouble if you also see yourself as just being an at home mom.  We all know very well that just being a mom means you are working your tail off and if you are at home you are also expected to cook, clean, run errands etc.  This can keep you on your toes and busy!  Now if you throw in an at home business you have doubled your trouble.  Now you must do all of the above plus fit in time to work.  Let others know you are at home and it gets even better.  You will soon be the room parent, the scout leader, the person everyone turns to when they need help and the soccer mom. 
At some point you will have to learn how to say "no". 
This isn't hard.  No one wants to be seen as selfish or unwilling to help out at school or anywhere else.  It is something you will have to learn to do though or you won't get anything done in any area. 
Personally, I have yet to learn how to say "no".. Let me know how you do it!
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Friday, November 03, 2006

PayPerPost updated!

You might remember awhile back when I decided to give PayPerPost a try.  They pay you to write blogs posts about different topics.   Way back when I first signed up you could use your blogs as long as they were at least 90 days old and there were a few other rules.  PayPerPost has since updated and now you must register each of your blogs. 
This is still one of the best opportunities around for bloggers.  I wrote 2-3 posts in my blogs and sure enough 30 days later I recieved my payment!  Since I was just testing it out I only made around $30 that month but it was more than I had made the previous month from those blogs! 
I am still getting the new rules and everything figured out but I am sure looking forward to making more money from PayPerPost
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