Monday, November 13, 2006

Are all MLM's a scam?

This is quickly becoming my newest pet peeve.  I was just reading a thread where someone asked if Ameriplan was a scam.  There were three responses, two said it was a scam and one said it is a discount plan.  Now I know a lot of people who work with Ameriplan and love it.  They love the discounts and they love the opportunity to work from home. 
Why oh why do some people believe that every MLM company is just a scam? 
A scam is where you pay for something and get taken.  For instance when you decide one of the "stuff envelopes at home" deals is a great opportunity and fork over your hard earned money to try it out and then find that you are expected to post the same ad you answered and then "stuff" the envelope with the same information telling your customer to do the same thing, that is a scam.   Okay I know that was long winded and probably didn't make much sense but you get the idea. 
I wanted to pass out this information again because it is GOOD information.. MLM vs Pyramid scheme.. how to tell the difference. 
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