Tuesday, March 28, 2006


As you've noticed there has been zero activity here for about a week now.  Yep, the inevitable happened, Mom got sick. 
I have been blessed and had lots of good help to get better but it still makes for a pretty miserable week.
It also gave me lots to think about.  For instance, if I were to be working outside the home I would have had to get up every morning and call in.  I also would have felt guilty for no reason.  I would have wondered if they thought I was faking it to take a week off.  On the other hand if I worked outside the home I might have been on salary and continued to get paid.  Not so bad that...
However since I do work from home I still felt guilty.  I felt like I was letting down a lot of people who expect me to be on here everyday.  I felt like I was letting things slide which would result in lower earnings next month therefore letting my family down.  Most of all, I just felt sick and miserable and tired.  The last part won out over everything else in the end.
The biggest thing I missed out on being sick and working from home was zero health insurance. 
Now if we had health insurance I would have been at the doctor by day three with my $20 co-pay in hand and telling him to make me better already.  No health insurance and the thought of shelling out a couple of hundred dollars for him to tell me I had a cold, drink juice and get rest, kept me and my checkbook safely at home to ride out the storm. 
A week later and I almost feel normal again.  We will get sick, it is a part of life.  We don't however have to feel guilty for being sick.  We also don't have to make do or get by.  If we need medical care we should be able to get it without putting our family in any kind of financial jeopardy. 
Our great friend Gayla has found a great program to help cover your medical, dental, vision and other needs.  You can read about it here:   When You Don't Have Health Insurance
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Roger W Gartman said...

just thought i would let you know that i have been exploring your website and the forums you post on. i find this all to be pretty interesting. i have been trying to get into the working at home thing. most is a lot of b/s! you seem to have spent a lot of time researching these things out. how much would you say you have made in a single year from what you are doing? i am very curious.
thanks, roger

Connie said...

Oh gosh thats a tough one! I should have a great answer since I have been trying to do my taxes.. lol.. A rough estimate from surveys, affiliate advertising on my websites etc... Around $1200 a month right now.. I plan to increase that to $3000 a month within a year by building more websites. The above figure is from one website and surveys and I now have two websites, three blogs and the surveys to start increasing my income.. hope that helps!