Sunday, March 12, 2006

Working at home in sales

I was thinking yesterday that most of my life has been spent in one kind of sales position or another.  I used to be in sales for Bose Corp and more recently I was the sales manager for a rental car company and for a low vision aid company.  In both of the last two positions I wrote sales manuals that were very succuessful.
One of the most common types of work at home businesses is direct sales.  This can be for any number of different kinds of companies.  If you want to sell there is a product for you.
However what I was thinking is that a lot of people like the idea of sales but they don't know some of the basic concepts.  I would like to share some of these concepts.
If you are going to have a business out of your home AND you are going to invite customers into your home you will want to make sure they are comfortable.   If you are going to have a waiting room in your home you will want to have Office Room Reception Chairs where your clients will be comfortable.  If they feel uncomfortable while they are waiting they will probably feel uncomfortable with what you are offering. 
In your reception area you should also place brochures about your product.  This is a great opener.  Once you are ready to meet with your client you can simply ask it they looked at the brochures while they were waiting.  This gives you two clues.  If they didn't look at the brochures maybe they aren't really interested.  You will know right away that they will be a hard sell and will need more encouragement.  If they did look at the brochures you can simply ask what they thought about the products.  This gives you a fantastic opportunity to overcome any objections. 
In the next installment I will go over more sales tips in depth.  Take this opportunity to think about what you are selling, how to make your customers more comfortable whether or not they are in your home and think about any objections your customers might have to buying your products.. 
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