Friday, September 12, 2008

What's going on.

It's been awhile but now that school is back in session it's time to put more effort into work and less into play time.   I even have a new blog/website in my mind but that's as far as it has gotten.

If you haven't been to our message board It's Free in awhile, you should definately stop by to visit.  We have grown tremendously this year and have lots of new friends.  We have also started listing paid focus groups for many areas instead of focusing on only nationwide paid focus groups.

Im working on building my Squidoo lens.  I believe I wrote about Squidoo when they first started.  At that time I didn't really understand the concept or point.   However I've been hearing lots of good things lately and the name keeps popping up so today I went and checked it out again.   They have definately made some huge improvements!

There are lots of new modules you can use and it is easier than ever to use and update. 

Squidoo is still looking like a great and fun way to make money so if you haven't started a lens yet.. get busy! 


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