Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Day Off

Last week my husband found out he was going to get one day a week off.  Now this is really a great thing because he works seven days a week.  We both do.  I had also been thinking about giving myself a day off but hadn't really done much about it.  This was the perfect opportunity!  He has Wednesdays off now so I decided I would take the same day off and we could spend it together. 
It turns out that there is a tournament this weekend (he works at a golf course) so he didn't get to start his day off this week.  I figured, what the heck, I can still take it off and get some reading done.  Yeah.. okay..
Here is how it went instead:  I had to see if there was another email from the "mean guy" so I checked that email account.  Nope, oh well, as long as I am here I will check my other accounts.  I proceeded to answer a few emails and promised to get some stuff done for some others but made sure they knew that this was my "day off" so I wouldn't get to these things right away.    There happened to be some great survey offers so I had to do those.  They close fast if you don't get in on them right away.  I did get accepted into a $25 study.. so I made some money on my day off.. thats okay right?
Again, "as long as I am here" I decided to check some of the message boards and just catch up a little, including my own.   More messages, I better answer those..  and.. I can play some of the games on my message board, that isn't exactly work... As long as I am here I can also see if there are any good freebies to be found.. find some freebies.. post those..
Took a break, got to thinking about the freebies at and that they are pretty outdated.  I should update those pages to direct everyone to the message board so they know where to find the new and best free stuff.. Did that.
As long as I am here I might as well get the links added to my blogs that I had promised people earlier.  Did that.
Now the day is almost done.. Keep in mind that around all the above I had to take a child to the Orthodontist, make breakfast and lunch, take car of baths and getting a little one dressed and I babysat for a couple of hours for a friend! 
Yep.. this was my day off... Maybe next week?
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1 comment:

Ashley said...

Connie, I know what you mean about days off. My hubby has a day off during the week so I try not to work on my blog and such. Well I've only been able to do that maybe twice.