Friday, May 12, 2006

When results are great

I just recieved this email and wanted to share it with everyone.  It made me so happy!   As you know the past couple of weeks have been a trial with a lot of negativity because of a couple of not so nice people.  Getting something like this is a great reminder that you are doing something good and helpful regardless of what a couple of others think. 
"i would like to say that ur blog, comments on the scams
(survey and data entry) was a very big help. I and my mom are from
singapore, and we were planning to earn some decent cash from the
Sad to say, what you have stated in your notes and messages abt scam
true, and we were walking right into it. we even fail to get the full
of companies they promised.

to tell the truth, we wasted nearly USD 100 to scams, but thanks to
advices and notes, we even manage to inform others to avoid these scam
and even promote your website as guides. Your initial list of listed
survey companies was the intial start for us to try on. I hope that if
dont mind, could you mail to me the list of 400+ survey companies
hope you dont mind)

Anyway just to let you know and hope it will further motivate you, we
to say Thank You for your efforts and sincere advice on making money
A group of 8 people in Malaysia are grateful to your dedications"

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1 comment:

Ashley said...

WOW Connie that's great. I bet it made your day to read that email. It's always nice to know when you ahve helped someone. :)