Monday, May 08, 2006

Why I don't spend money on advertising

 My sister called me last week.  First I should explain that she is getting close to being 40 years old.  Throughout her entire adult life she has had the sense that she is "owed" something just because she had a tough childhood.  Keep in mind, there are two more of us who grew up in the same house.  We both help support our families, we both have a good handle on using common sense and neither of us feel like we are "owed" anything.  In fact we both have pretty big hearts and have tried numerous times to help out this other sister. 
The other sister has never held a job for more than a few months.  So what was she calling about?  I haven't talked to her in almost 5 years except for an occasional email from her telling me how tough her life is.  Well she wanted our moms phone number so she could call and see if she would buy her a car.  Now this is particularly funny because she has never paid a dime on the last car our mom bought her and in fact my mom had just sold her property the day before this phone call in order to pay off that car. 
I let her know this wasn't probably a good idea.  Anyway we started talking and she was complaining that she couldn't find any work where she lives.  Well she could find work but she really needed a car. 
Now she is one of those people who really believes that somewhere out there is that one magical way that lets you make money without your ever having to do anything more but go to the bank.  I tried to explain to her that she could make money at home.  I was doing it why couldn't she?   Her response was that you had to have SOME money to start.  I explained that I never had any money to start.  Okay, in all truthfulness I did pay for an upgrade on my website hosting package.  It cost me about $20.  Now I am more than willing to send her $20 to start her own business.  But what about advertising?
Okay, now here is where I make my point.  You have all heard about a lot of my original goals when I started the website, scam free, getting the word out, helping others find work at home, etc.  What I have never told you is that I was also determined to show a lot of people that they are wrong.   I visited a lot of work at home forums and over and over I heard the same thing, you can't start a business for free, you can't make money if you don't put money into it. 
Well here are the facts as I explained them to my sister;  I found more than one direct sales business that would let you start for free and I have never spent a dime on advertising.
Obviously if I had spent money on advertising I MAY have seen a profit sooner but I was determined to show that this could happen with no money invested in advertising.  I spend a lot of time finding ways to advertise for free but it can be done. 
Here are some free advertising ideas to help you too!:
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Ashley said...

Great post Connie. My hubby's little brother is kind of like your sister. He is always calling to barrow money. He also has a kid on the way. Not married, of course the baby was unplanned and he is buying a new car. Which I might add his car payment is going to be more than my Corvette payment b/c he has such bad credit. Some people just don't get it.

Well I just want to thank you for all you do and for believing you can make money without spending money. I have $4.16 in my google adsense account. it's not much but it is better than nothing. Ans I didn't have to spend a dime to make that money.

Connie said...

And you are making that money a lot quicker than others might just by your dedication and hard work. Good for you Ashley!