Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Update from last week

I am going to talk again about the post I made last week, mostly because I would love to hear your feedback.  Last week I told you about a post I had made on wahmscam but I didn't go into a lot of detail so I will reiterate here. 
Recently on my wahm scam blog I wrote about a company that sells information on how to do "data entry" at home.  This isn't your typical data entry but it is technically data entry.  I explained what the information tells you to do in order to make money from home.
A couple of weeks ago I recieved an email from the owner of the website telling me that I had defamed his business and he didn't appreciate it.  Now I went back and read what I had wrote and I asked some others to read it as well.  The consensus was that I had in no way defamed his business and in fact I had been rather kind.
I always try to be objective in my writing but after all it is my opinion and there are some businesses I like and some businesses that I don't like.  This applies in life outside of the internet as well.  I would never be a stripper but that is how some people choose to make a living and they make a much better living than I do!  I have been in sales for a long time but I can't stand high pressure sales people and I would never elect to do business that way.  There are tons of people online who will sell you information telling you how you can send out the same letter that enticed you and make a fortune.  This is not something I would feel good about.
Each person has to decide for themselves how they will make their living and lead their life.  I can't tell you how to do that but with my blogs I try to give you information on each opportunity so you can make that call for yourself.
So I got another email from the owner of this website yesterday telling me if I didn't take down my post he would be forced to take the next step.    Legally the posting is just fine.  We are all allowed an opinion and we are also allowed to voice it.  Ethically, am I hurting his business?  What do you think?
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1 comment:

Ashley said...

I don't think you are hurting his business, since it is a scam. You are helping people KEEP THEIR HARD EARN MONEY. Anyone can get rich on offering soemthing and then not give his customers what he promised.