Tuesday, May 09, 2006

When someone else doesn't like your work

Yesterday was an eventful day!  As most of you who read this blog also read my wahmscam blog this will all make sense.
Just in case you don't know, my wahmscam blog deals with all kinds of work at home opportunities.  I talk about businesses that I feel are great for the work at home parent as well as the businesses that I feel are downright shady and some that fall somewhere in the middle as far as my opinion goes. 
That is the key.  It is just my opinion.  I do some research to find out what each business is about and how it works and pass on that information to you.  I even try to be objective.
Well yesterday I get an email from the owner of one of the businesses.  He feels that I wrote about his business in a derogatory way.  I was kind of shocked since I always try to never say anything bad even if I really feel it is not a good deal!
I went back and read the article and I hadn't said a single bad word.  This guy was kind of threatening and I just couldn't figure it out.  He even implied that I have never signed up with the survey companies on my list.  In fact he was just plain mean. 
So I ended up needing to seek advice about what to do.  It seems I really haven't done anything wrong.  It is perfectly legal to state my opinions.  Whew!  Relief.. I hope today will be less eventful!
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