Thursday, May 04, 2006

Work at home teens

This morning I realized that I always seem to focus on work at home opportunities for moms and dads and even grandparents.  However there is a whole demographic of people that I have left out!  I think this happens frequently and not just with me. 
There are a lot of retired people who are looking to work at home and make some extra income, there are people who are disabled for any number of reasons who want to make extra income at can't get out of their homes and just this morning I learned of a whole new group.  Teenagers!  Now I have to say this one surprised me.  I met Xiti on my message board awhile back when he had started a different blog and then this morning I found a message from him that he had started a new blog.  A blog for teenagers who want to work from home!  I thought this was an amazingly wonderful concept and so unique that I had to tell you about it!
Take a look at Xiti's blog here:  I think you will find it very refreshing and fun to read!
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Xiti said...

wow thanks for the post Connie...I really appreciate it. I've been reading through your blog a bit today, and can only say wow. Quite the nice setup you've got here. Hope all is going well!

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