Thursday, May 18, 2006


There was a day last week that I keep meaning to tell you about.  It was a great day.  An absolutely perfect day.  I started out the morning getting just a little work done.  Then I spent some time playing with Katie and getting her off to school.  Once she was at school I headed to the golf course.  I was able to find a friend who would watch her after school so I played a round of golf, came home, made dinner and then set down for a quiet evening.  All the while I realized I was still making money.  I had found my success!
This was a day when I realized that after listening to all the hype when I was looking to work from home I had found my own way.  I did it and I never had to spend money buying lists, paying for advertising, paying for someone else to show me their "system" etc. 
I had figured out how to work from home, make money, have some quality time and all with minimal expense.  The best part is I get to do it just by showing others how to do it.  By telling others about the scams and schemes.  By saving other people headaches, hassles and most importantly, time and money. 
I love my life and my job!
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Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing all these things with us Connie. Before I found you I was about to give up on making moeny off the internet. You have opened my eye to a whole new world. Thanks again. :)

Xiti said...

Definitely thanks Connie. You've been a huge inspiration for me. I've been working pretty hard on this recently, and with my girlfriend and I trying to obtain our first home. We've been a bit stressed about it. I would love to site down and just "pick your brain" sometime!

Connie said...

LOL.. thank you to both of you! Xiti, you are welcome to pick whatever is left of my brain whenever you want!
Ashley, I am so proud of you! It really has been great to watch you go from someone who didn't know where to begin to someone who is already a success!

Ashley said...

Thanks to you Connie. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm slowly making progress I think. :) It's nice to see all my hard work is starting to pay off. I spend 2 to 3 hours on my blog and blog related things everyday.