Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You do What?

I was reading through a thread at It's Free for a Court Researcher position working at home.   One of the members posted that he felt it was a job to gather the information that allows the internet "Gurus" and late night infomercial shysters to send spam.

I got to thinking about it and had some mixed feelings so figured I would air them out here.  

There are many ways to work at home and not everything is for everyone.  One large sector is adult based.  Many work at home moms are busy talking on the telephone and entertaining adults.   This isn't something I could do simply because I would be too busy giggling. 

I watched a show the other day about a lady who runs her own webcam shows during the day.  My best estimate was that she was making around $10K a month!   Again, not something I could do because I don't think many people are that interested in seeing me dressed up as little bo peep. 

Another common "job" that comes around is posting ads on Craigslist.   Now obviously it's against Craigslist rules and you run the risk of losing your priveleges but many people are happily doing it.   Once again, not me, I am a little bit attached to my Craigslist account. 

I guess what Im saying, is that any company who wants to buy a list is going to get it from somewhere.   Take those late night infomercials about working at home.  You know the crazy like a fox spots that promise you will make lots of money and are missing out if you don't call?   A lot of research has been done and the last I remember, you are actually giving out your information to someone on the other end of the phone (probably working from home no less) and that information will then be forwarded on the Herbalife.   Now what do you think Herbalife will do with it?   Someone else working at home will be calling you and trying to get you to sign up.

So really, if the Court Researcher position is legit but you are gathering information for someone who will eventually sell it, is that really bad?   Someone is going to get paid for gathering that information. 


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