Friday, September 30, 2005

Still more on ebay

Okay, we are covering every aspect of ebay. I have decided over the past week that the most important thing in making money on ebay is to have a large volume. I am trying to get up to where I will have at least 100 listings at any given time. How to do that? Shop and sell! The hard part is to spend more time listing and selling and less time shopping.
You have to go out and find the bargains. As a sales manager I always told people not to put themselves in someone elses pocket meaning that just because we were selling something they themselves couldn't afford don't assume that the customer can't afford it. This applies to ebay but in a different way, don't assume that just because you have found something you wouldn't want that there isn't a customer out there that would want it. Look at ebay, you can find ANYTHING. Someone is selling those items.
Next you have to list your bargains and Im not sure if I covered this already but you can't start out with a high price. If you have an item that you absolutely must get a certain amount from just set a reserve price. If you have an item that is worth $20 and you set the starting bid at $19.99 you won't get many bids but if you put a reserve of $20 and start the bidding at 1.99 you will be sure to get people bidding and probably end up with more than the $20 you wanted. Now it is true there are some people who don't like to bid if they have to guess what the reserve is but you have to do what you have to do.


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