Thursday, October 06, 2005


I was reading a post from a lady asking if other moms who work at home have husbands who make them feel bad for getting out of the house and doing something for themselves. I was surprised that out of 35 responses only two of us had husbands who are supportive and encourage us to get out and do something other than housework, taking care of the kids and our businesses.
I had to wonder this morning why all the rest married the men that they did. Were they different before marriage? I doubt it. Is it because they love them? Well of course but is that enough? Shouldn't two people be in a marriage together in every way?
I just wanted to put something out here that lets women know that they have to make choices before marrying. What exactly does that mean? It means look at your potential mate as a whole. It might be flattering right now when he tells his mom to go jump in the lake he is going out on a date with you and doesn't care what she thinks. How will you feel in ten years though when it is YOU that he is telling to go jump in the lake, he is going out with his friends and doesn't care if you need help with the kids? It might be endearing now that he takes you out to fancy restaurants and spends all his money within two days of payday but how will you fill when you are married and have rent and car payments and he is still out spending all the money in two days?
The point is, you have a choice when you decide to marry someone but you must look at the whole picture. You make the choice to marry someone who is a spendthrift and never saves, you make a choice to marry someone who doesn't treat others with respect, you make a choice to marry someone who wants to spend every waking moment with you and needs to know where you are and who you are with at all times.
Instead of listening only to your heart make sure you listen to your head as well and make a choice to be with someone who respects you, who is responsible, who is caring and kind and wants only the best for you and your life together.


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