Thursday, October 20, 2005

Scam or not?

I frequently visit a site dealing with work at home issues and trying to help people avoid scams. I am constantly amazed! I know everyone in the world wants to win the lottery and I know everyone would love to make easy money but working at home isn't like winning the lottery.
I am very active on that board, my own message board and a couple of others and what always gets me is that no matter how many times I post a message about NOT paying for a list of surveys etc, someone comes along and asks "Is a scam?" Yesterday I just really wanted to bang my head against a wall or door over this question. If you are researching a work at home opportunity take a few minutes to do a search and see if that question has been answered! One person in particular who I took under my wing on one of these message boards came up with a million reasons everyday why he couldn't make any money working at home. I found two or three different things he could do even within limitations and then I see a post that he is looking at investing his money in one of the pyramid schemes going on! This was the same person who couldn't invest $10 in products to start selling on ebay.
I have come to the conclusion that some people are just not willing to accept that they have to actually WORK from home if that is where they want to be. There are no easy ways to make a living unless you do happen to get lucky and win the lottery.
Here are a few basic work at home jobs: low and sell higher
Start a website and make money from advertising
Come up with a product and sell it
Direct sales (You won't make money from a downline, you MUST actively sell)

Extra cash:
Take surveys and only cash out once a month
Mystery shop (this could possibly be done full time too)
Yard sales
Ebay again :)

Good luck and please don't pay for a job!

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Anonymous said...

I hope your business venture is going well. You can actually improve your chance of winning the lottery by playing e-lotto. I agree with you on working from home. You have to work to make any money, but there are people out there to take advantage of the situation. Kind of like the dorito commercial. They'll let you do all the work.