Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Need cash?

Work from home and blogging. I need to write more about this. There are communities of bloggers popping up all over the place. Not your typical blogging community but places where you submit a blog and the owners do all the marketing. People join these communities specifically to earn money. The way it works is that you start a blog and an adsense account. When you submit a blog your ads are shown half the time and the owner of the communities ads are shown the other half of the time.
I signed up with one of these communties a little over a month ago to see if it would work. It did improve my earnings but I had a couple of concerns and this morning when I logged in my concerns increased to the point that I pulled my adsense information just to be safe.
If you have an adsense acct it is kind of like gold. You want to protect it at all costs. My concern with this community is that they may have people who don't understand this and just click in an effort to be "helpful". This may sound like no big deal but to the advertisers who are paying for those clicks it is a very big deal. Sure I imagine they expect to have a certain number of clicks that don't generate any income but if they are seeing a ton of click throughs with no increase in revenue it could get frustrating. This means that they would pull their google acct and in turn google loses money and in turn you lose money.
I think that within these communities you probably get a lot of people with no experience with google and adsense. They just see that they can join, write about anything they want and as long as they write everyday they have the potential to make a lot of money. After awhile they realize they need clicks to make money so they start clicking. They ask others to click their links and in exchange they will click back. They just don't really understand that some people really depend on adsense as an income and that they are putting everyone in jeopardy.
You can make money from blogging and using google adsense but it really isn't imperative that you go through one of these "communities". Try setting up your own blog and adsense acct right here at blogger. Join feedburner and pingomatic to make it easy to get your blog out there. Read some articles on publishing and managing a blog and you will do fine!


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