Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keeping up to date

This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves and one of my own downfalls. 

Do you keep your websites and blogs up to date?   Do you regularly go through and check all the links to make sure they still work?  

How often do you update your blogs and your refresh your advertising?

I am really trying to get better about that this week.  Of course right now I have some motivation and incentive to get to work and get things done but wow.. there has certainly been a lot of time in between my getting updated and my being lazy.

I really hate nothing more than going to a website and clicking a link only to find that it no longer works.  I also hate going to a blog or a message board and seeing that nothing has happened in months.   So guess what I have been doing?   I've been letting this happen to my own sites.

Last week a nice person let me know I had some dead links so I immediately stopped and fixed them all.   He was so impressed that I would actually clean things up... Personally.. I was embaressed that I had links that were dead! 

Sooo the moral of this story is let's turn this into clean up your websites and add to your blogs week!   Anyone want to join me?

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