Thursday, June 28, 2007


Can you believe it's here already?   So what are you doing to keep the kids busy while you work?

I was soooo prepared this year!   I bought a laptop, I spent weeks learning all about wireless cards and plans and how to make myself mobile.

I yelled at the phone company for not shipping my card overnight when they were supposed to.  I spent hours on the phone with tech support to get the card working.

This was two weeks ago.   I have had the laptop away from home maybe twice in that time frame! 

The idea was that it would make me more mobile.   My daughter could go to the park or the pool and I could still get work done. 

This is still the plan and we have a long summer ahead of us but all in all.   I had no need to be in such a hurry!   Still... it's nice to know we can pack up and go whenever we want! 

What have we been doing instead?  She has had friends over every single day.    Yesterday we had two friends over.. today we just have one.... tommorow.. Im hoping for the park myself!

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