Thursday, December 15, 2005

How long does it take to get paid when you take surveys?

It depends on the company. One company sends you a check the same week you take a survey. Most companies however take 4-6 weeks. Other companies won't send you a check until you request it. It is important to know how each company pays when you sign up. If you don't you will probably forget you have money at a company unless you keep good records. Whenever you qualify for a survey you should write down the company, the amount of the survey and when you took it. This way you can keep track and go back to make sure you got paid. With the companies you have to request money from, I typically try to check my accounts at the beginning of every month and request my checks. This allows me to have a sort of "payday" every month since they all arrive around the same time. With some of the product trials you will generally recieve the product first and be asked to try it for two weeks or a month. At the end of the trial you will recieve a follow up survey that you must fill out as well. After you have filled out that survey then you get to wait for your payment. Again, typically 4-6 weeks. Remember to keep good records and you will not be disappointed! Take surveys, make money! FREE list of survey companies that pay, FREE list of mystery shopping companies. Tons of FREE stuff! Join our message board for daily updates!

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