Thursday, December 08, 2005

Make money working at home

Here is another way to make money working at home. We have covered a lot in the paid survey area and a little about blogging. Now lets talk about direct sales. Direct sales is running your own business but selling something already established for another company. For instance Avon, Mary Kay and Home Interior would all be direct sales businesses.
Typically you will need to invest a little of your own money. This is different than paying to work for someone which we will get into another day. Most companies offer different packages to get you started. When you invest you will generally get your order forms, catalogues, some products etc.
If you are interested in direct sales the first thing you will want to do is choose an area that interests you. Some people love candles so they sell them, I love scrapbooking so that was my first choice in direct sales. You really can sell anything, there are makeup, scrapbooking, toys, candles, perfumes, home decor, insurance, jerky and virtually anything else you can think of type of companies.
Next do your research. If you are not looking at a well established company you might not feel comfortable and you will probably have to deal with glitches when they happen. Find out what exactly is expected from you. Do they require you spend a certain amount every month? Do they require you recruit a certain amount every month? Personally those are not my favorite types of companies.
I personally feel the money to be made and the success of the company should depend on product sales and not recruitment.
If there is something you don't feel comfortable about, follow your instints and look for another company. There are typically more than one in each catagory!
After you have decided on a company, start talking to family and friends. Let them know what you are doing! Word of mouth is going to be a powerful tool for you.
You will want to book parties and more parties.
Start networking. Find new ways to make your parties excited and get others excited.
You will need to be out there talking. You will be going into peoples home or having them into your own. Imagine yourself giving a speech, being exciting and generating excitement. Can you see yourself doing it and having a great time?
If the answer is yes, then direct sales might just be the thing for you! Lots of work at home information, telecommuting companies, direct sales companies, mystery shopping companies, FREE list of paid survey companies. Don't forget to join our message board!

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