Monday, July 17, 2006

Be Ready

Just like in the outside workplace, working at home can be filled with surprises.  Have you ever been in a position of working outside the home and you make a new contact, start talking and suddenly find yourself with a new opportunity?  This just happened to me as a work from home parent!  This weekend I was talking to an aquaintance who has started some websites in the past few months.  After talking for awhile about website building he offered me a partnership.  He likes to write the material but he doesn't have time for the website marketing and maintenance.  This is a great opportunity.  I wanted more websites but haven't had time to build them.  It is almost the end of July and I am one short of my goal!  Turns out that is okay.  By working on this new project I will still be able to make money and grow my business.  Be Ready for surprises and new opportunities everywhere you turn!   Read my blog at to see the website I will be marketing.  It's a whole new venue and Im pretty excited about it!

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Ashley said...

Wow Congrats Connie. :)