Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Top Level Domains

 A lot of people believe that having a top level domain is the best way to go as far as search engines are concerned.  This has sent me off on quite an adventure.  When I first started using blogger and gave it some thought I was told it couldn't be done with blogger but you could do it with wordpress.  I tried Wordpress and didn't like the fact that I had no way to manipulate the templates (not that I could find anyway).  I got frustrated and went back to Blogger and decided I really didn't need a top level domain anyway. 
Well here I am again looking into it.  Come to find out you can do it with Blogger.  You just have to use the FTP function.. Well duh, how easy is that?   It actually looks easy enough but when it comes right down to it, I am losing my mind! 

I use Homestead for a host and although it is simple to use when you are building a website I have found out that there file system is not quite like the rest.  For instance I don't have a /public.html/ file.. Don't know what that is?  Me either but I need it to FTP or at least need to know what Homesteads version is. 

So anyway.. this is what I am working on these days.   A whole new world of learning but I think learning is a good thing.   Have a great day!



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