Thursday, July 20, 2006

Make money scrapbooking

A fantastic way to earn money from home and one in which I wish I could spend the time to do is to make scrapbooks.  You can make scrapbooks with all the great little details, add stickers, borders, embellishments all the fun stuff but leave room for some pictures and journaling.  You would be amazed how many people will pay for these books! 

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1 comment:

domestika said...

You know what, this really surprises me! It always seemed that the joy of scrapbooks would be in making it yourself, creating something that is totally personal to hold and frame your personal photos - so it surprises me to learn that people buy them ready-made by someone else! I guess it's no different than wanting anything else pretty and not having the time or skills or confidence to make it, right? And how very very cool for the keen scrapbooking WAHMs that it's possible to make a bit of business out of it! Clever!
:-) Jen