Wednesday, July 05, 2006

They are all scams?

Okay, I just have to laugh.  Recently on a message board someone once again asked the age old question.  "Are there any legitimate work from home jobs?".  Now on this message board awhile back one of the moderators posed a challenge.  List all the legitimate work from home jobs you can.  He had some rules which meant that direct sales type of opportunities were out.  Things like autosurf and all that other type of stuff were out as well.  So of course the list conists of things like starting an in home daycare, starting a backyard mechanic service, making and selling gift baskets, ebay, amazon, dog walking, etc. etc.  All legitimate businesses you can start at home. 
So I directed the poster to that challenge folder.  Guess what happened?  He/she came back and said there was nothing good in there. obviously his/her first impressions were right and everything is a scam!!!!   I am just stunned!  I am also laughing my head off.   I really think that there are some people who just don't get it!  You have to work to make money.  There is no magic bullet.  I know I have shared this type of thing before but this one was so funny I had to share again!


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Ashley said...

That's funny Connie. You are 100% right too. People want that scam that will let them sit in their pjs and earn money after only working 10 minutes a day. Well there is no such thing. I wish there was. All the legit work at home opps do take a lot of time, blood sweat and tears, if you want to make them work. My hubby and I are trying to brainstorm some idead about what to sell on ebay. He has been bugging me to start an ebay business.

Jen said...

I also find the post to be funny, but true. I found your blog from another blog that I found off of I love that site. When people ask how I started working from home and they want more information, I always direct them there. You have no idea how many people say that it is a lot of work to find something legitimate. Too often though, people end up giving up too soon.

I used to sell online and now I am a freelance writer. It did take some time to find something that works for me, but you do have to put in long hours searching for the opportunity that is right for you. I even have people who tell me that it is would be easier if I just gave them more information. It may be selfish or mean of me, but if I can spend months researching legitimate and non-legitimate jobs online then I think everyone else can too.

Connie said...

Thanks for the comments! Jen, the part that makes it all especially funny is that I DO tell people exactly what they can do. I tell them what worked for me and about all the tons of other options and this person STILL said.. ok thanks, everything is a scam. !!! LOL