Friday, June 30, 2006

Time Management

Summer is out and for the past couple of weeks I have felt like I didn't have enough time to get everything done.  Especially not enough time to spend with Katie.  She has spent a lot of time on her own.  While school is in session I know that she gets a three hour break everyday to play with her friends and have a good time so I don't feel too guilty about working.  Now however, she is bored.  Just last night I was thinking that I really need to just stop and set aside a few hours everyday to take her somewhere or play games.  So I am up earlier this morning and trying to get as much done as possible.  While I was looking for something I found this article which addresses this issue exactly and I want to share it.  It sure made me stop and realize that it really is the "important" things that matter and Katie is definately "important"..

By Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

I have spent most of the last twenty years researching, studying,
writing and speaking about Time Management and Personal
Productivity. I
have learned a whole lot and my full-time mission now is to share
knowledge through my writings, seminars, consulting and keynotes
people who want to get more done in less time in their business
personal lives.

One important lesson I learned is that there are three simple,
powerful Time Management Secrets. Knowing these will go a long
way to
helping you to better manage your time each and every day and get
done in less time and with less stress.

1. We all have too much to do. Almost everyone I speak with tells
they have more to do than time permits. This says a lot of good
about you. That you have too much to do means many have entrusted
a lot
to you. People who seldom have enough to keep them busy and are
looking for things to do may not have earned this level of
from others.
2. There is never enough time for everything. If you have too
much to
do, by definition, you will not have enough time for everything.
In fact
you will only accomplish but a tiny fraction of what you will
want to
accomplish in your lifetime. You will leave undone far more than
ever get done in this world. Your life is going to be like a
beach. Take one grain of sand and let that represent all that you
accomplish in your lifetime. The other billions of grains of sand
represent all of the other things you might have done.
3. While there’s never enough time for everything, there’s always
time for the important things.

Early in our marriage, my wife and I were both working, our
social life
was packed and we didn’t seem to have a spare five-minute block
of time
in our days. Soon we were to receive our first daughter and a few
before she came to us my wife and I were agonizing over how to
find the
time to take care of this new addition to our family. Babies,
they take
a lot of time!

But what happened? Jennifer came along and we made the time for
her. Did
we still have a social life? Sure, but it was different.

Three years later, our second child Pam arrived, and once again,
found the time to attend to this new responsibility and still
have time
for other things.

While there is never time for everything, there always seems to
be time
for the most important things in life. “Necessity is the mother

But you don’t have to wait until circumstances come upon you
forcing you
to attend to the most important things in your life. You can do
it now.
Each day in Daily Planning, identify the most important things
you want
to get done in your day. Place a high priority of those items and
undone the less important things.

You won’t get it all done but you will get the most important

The secret’s finally out.


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1 comment:

Ashley said...

Connie, I'm running into the same thing. Although I don't have children, but I work for my father part time, then I have wife things to do, and our pool seems like there is always something going onwith it. Plus my sister isn't working now and wants to do things with me. Also my poor little Pug gets mad at me for not spending time with him.