Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How lazy can you get?

How lazy can one person get?  If it's me, pretty darn lazy!  I am one of those people who is always telling my kids how important it is to practice what you preach but I am also one of the worst at following through with my own advice sometimes!
I have preached often here about how important it is to set goals for yourself.  It really doesn't matter if the goals are for your personal life, your working life, etc.  We all need goals to tell us what exactly it is we are working towards and help to motivate us. 
So why can't I do this?  Well I do it.  I really do.  I was just realizing that I need to do it differently maybe.
One of the goals I shared with you was that I want to have ten websites up by the end of July.  So to meet this goal I recently started two new blogs, one is at and the other is a secret mystery blog.  You will have to find it! 
This puts me up to 3 websites, 1 message board and 5 blogs!  With about two months left I should have no problem meeting this goal.  Now, here is where a new problem comes in.   Although all of the blogs are up and running, I don't really feel they are finished.  There are a lot of things I would like to do with them to make them more personal and attractive.  I want to add some different colors and play around with the fonts a little among other things.
Most everyday I tell myself, I will work on this.  Do I?  Nope.  I keep focusing on just the one goal.  Getting everything built and launched. 
Now it is great to meet your goals but don't you think it also important to do a job well when you do it?  Especially when you consider the number of people who might be looking at your work!
Goals are funny little things when you think about it.  Some people can set a goal for themselves and stick to it quite easily.  For me, I need to share.  I need other people to make me feel guilty and I will feel guilty if I tell you I will do something and then I don't do it.   
So, let me tell you my goals so I can stay focused;
Before I can build another website or blog, I must finish what I started.  
I will get each blog it's own personality by setting aside the time to go in and change the colors and fonts.
I will learn more about HTML and how it works.
I will spend more time driving traffic to my blogs.
Finally, I will figure out why Technorati hates one of my blogs and get that fixed!
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Jill said...

That is SO true. I used to have HUUUGE problems with finishing things. So many ideas... so little follow through. I still constantly have to remind myself. Good on you for cracking that mystery.

Ashley said...

Connie you are so right. I need to finish one of my blogs too. But I can't bring myself to do it. After I wirte in both blogs, go to message borads and visit other blogs I've been on the computer for 3 hours. I'm really having a hard time staying focused b/c everytime I look at my window I see a huge pool that looks so inviting. So I usally give up and got get in the pool. Which I think is good for me, That is my thoughtful spot as well as a god relaxer for me.

Lyndon said...

What you really need is a waterproof laptop;)

I dream of blogging from the beach but am worried aobut the sand, so as soon as I get a sand proof laptop I am there.

Connie said...

Blogging from the beach.. that sounds really cool.. I want that too.. Hmmm a beach in Idaho... maybe I can build one.