Wednesday, June 21, 2006


How do you define success?  I think this is an important question for any potential work from home parent to ask of themselves before they start.   If you are thinking of becoming a work at home parent, what will make you feel successful? If you don't know the answer how will you know when you are a success?

I feel successful because I am actually making money from my efforts but I think for me personally I will consider myself a success when I can quit my weekend job and not worry that I am making less.  

I guess this means that for me success is defined by the fact that I don't have to work outside the home.  For others success might be defined as being able to effectively help someone else meet their goals or feel better about themselves.  Still for others might define their success by reaching a specific goal. 

I would like to hear what success means to you.  Do you consider yourself successful?  Regardless of whether or not the answer is yes or no, why do you feel that way?

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