Monday, June 26, 2006

Paid Surveys and information

I am beginning to feel like I am about half an inch tall and standing in the middle of a huge forest of giants.  All of the giants want to know about surveys and whether or not they are legitimate.  Some of the giants are willing to pay for the information and other giants have found a couple of free lists.  Im standing way down below and screaming at the top of my lungs that they can take surveys and do it for free and not have to worry about signing up with worthless sites.  Every now and then one of the giants looks down and hears me but more often than not they don't hear me.  They think, oh this company has over 500 survey companies!  I will pay them $40.  Another giant says, this list is free and has 300 companies!  I will sign up.
It never fails.  A week later I see the giants and they are all screaming that surveys are a scam!  They are only getting entered into contests and they can't waste their time on that!  They paid their $40 and all they got was a LIST..gasp! 
Okay so I am ranting and raving..  I spent tons of time researching survey companies, finding the legitimate companies and I yell about it as loud as I can and still hear people complaining that they lost money or they are getting nothing but spam.  Now I know I will never reach every person out there who wants to take paid surveys but when these people are frequenting the same message boards that I am and just seem to have skipped over everything I had to say and still forked over their money I have a really tough time not feeling frustrated.   On the other hand, if they read what I wrote and still paid money for a list I guess I shouldn't feel sorry for them at all! :)
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Ashley said...

Well I'm listening Connie. You have taught me so much about scams and survey sites and everything else. Big hug to you. :)

Connie said...

Thanks Ashley lol.. I know you have been listening and I appreciate it! I really do.. :)