Thursday, June 15, 2006

What time do you start your day?

What time do you start working if you work from home?  I usually start around 6:30 but there have been a few times when I started at 5:30 a.m. and found that I got SO much more done in those first few hours than I do when I start later and have to work around kids.  Katie is usually up at about 7:30 so if I get up and get started by 5:30 that extra hour of piece and quiet seems to make a world of difference! 
What time do you start and when you seem to get the most done?
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Ashley said...

Well I work in the morning for my father so I don't get a chance to blog in the morning. Although on Saturday I blog in the morning and I feel a lot better that I got things out of the way, and I seem to get a lot of traffic on saturday. Don't know why.

Donyell said...

I start when I feel like it...which is usually around 11am...sometimes 10 if I am feeling "productive" lol.

I am NOT a morning person so being able to set my own schedule is a major plus for me...on the downside I work later than most people but it's easier for me that way.