Friday, June 23, 2006

Adsense ready websites

We have talked a lot about different ways to work from home.  One new scheme that I see a lot is to sell people ready made websites with adsense already on them.  The basic claim is that you get a couple of hundred google adsense ready websites.  Just put them up, add your code and they are ready to go.  All of the SEO work is done for you!  They also claim they are websites that are "proven" to work. 
One glitch in this system is the chance that they are selling the same websites to multiple people.  You buy your domain name but the content is the same as hundreds of other peoples. 
The second problem is "whose" adsense code is really being promoted? 
If this has been a work at home program that you have been giving thought to trying, please take a moment and read this thread:
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