Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Top ten ways to move your business forward

10. Every day pick up the phone and provide the best
customer service ever!  Remember, customer service is to show you
care.  Showing you care often leads to results. 

9.  Make a goal to meet two new people to share about your business
with today.  Everyday.  Sharing with everyone is not pushy (that is
kind); going back to the same people over and over can lead you
to feeling pushy and them to feel resentful.

8.  Start conversations everywhere.
  For example, while in line, ask "Where are you from?" and "what do you do?"
This opens a lot of doors as they will most likely reciprocate with "What do you do?"
After they answer, say "I have my own business with
__________.  Are you familiar with it?"  The conversation will flow from there.  Listen for opportunities.

7.  Ask yourself every day, "What do I want to accomplish
today?" and "How will I fit in five contacts
professionally."  Don't forget to make a couple of those contacts
new people. 

6.  Success is a choice.  Choose to decide that you can do what
it takes to build a business.  Throw out the words "I Can't"  You can.

5.  Schedule two classes or shows a week. This will keep your skills
 and confidence growing.  A week without a class or show will cause you to feel like you are starting and stopping.  That takes more energy. 

4.  Deciding that you want to make money is the first
step to earning money.  Why else are you working?

3.  Whenever you have a cancellation or postponment, choose to work anyway.
  Don't let other people change your plans knowing that
work is what will lead to success.  Make customer service calls,
do personal shopping appointments, take your family out and meet
new people while enjoying your family, etc.

2.  Decide that everyone you share your business with
deserves an invitation to join you in your business.  Just ask!
"One of the things I love to do is help others start their own
home-based businesses, too.  Have you ever thought about
starting your own business and working from home?

1.  Make your motto: "Share, don't push."  Sharing is finding
out if someone has an interest in something you have to offer.
Selling is something you do for people who ARE interested in what you have to offer and WANT to know more. 

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