Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Choosing wisely

I've probably said this before but I think it bears repeating. 
My biggest pet peeve when it comes to working with people who want to work from home is the people who won't listen to reason. 
It seems like you can talk until you are blue in the face about legitimate opportunities and still you get the naysayers who claim everything is a scam.
Everything is a scam because they are looking at programs that promise to make them hundreds of dollars a day.
What they should be looking at and thinking about are the things that will actually make them money. 
When I started out looking for a home based business I was pretty lucky.  I decided right off the bat that I would not pay for a job.  I would not do anything that cost a penny.   This was my own experiement and I was determined to make it happen.
Now of course I did have to pay my website hosting fees and I had to pay to register my domain name but that was it and these seemed like normal fees and pretty darn low for starting a business.  In my searches for other ways to make money from home I also found some direct sales companies that didn't even charge a start up fee.  This is pretty unusual because most direct sales companies will charge a start up fee but you usually get quite a bit for your money.
These fees are not the same as the fees you see everywhere else.  There are a ton of "programs" that charge a onetime membership fee, and there are companies that charge for information which can be found free and there are companies that charge a processing fee and claim you can make money typing or doing data entry for that fee.  Heck there are even places that are charging to sell you a list of the companies that will charge you a processing fee.  It is all pretty crazy. 
I really wish there were a way to get everyone to listen and quit paying for those processing fees, membership fees, upgrades and lists.  
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Ashley said...

I know what you mean Connie. There are a lot of scams out there but if you do your homework you can find soemthing that is worth wild Granted it's not a get rich quick scam. But hey if there really was such a thing then more people would be doing it. You have got to work hard to earn money. That's just how life is. After all when you go in for an interview with a copmany they don't ask you to pay them to hire you. They pay you for doing services for them. Not the other way around.

Connie said...

I couldn't have said it better Ashley! Thank you!