Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Website

I have been so incredibly busy the past two weeks I just don't know what to tell you about today! 
I will just tell you how things are going on my end. 
For those of you who are regular readers you know that my current goal is to have ten websites up and running by the end of June. 
I currently have the three blogs, two websites and a message board.  My newest website is what has been keeping me so busy! 
My original plan was to have it launched today and then I realized that just wasn't going to happen so I planned to launch it tomorrow.  I don't see that happening either.  So for now I plan to have it up and running early next week.   I have been doing a few pages a day and yesterday I got 15 pages done!  It all sounds like something I should be feeling frustrated with but when you take into account that my original goal was a page a day and I managed to get 15 done yesterday,  I am feeling pretty good about it! 
The new website will be a little bit different avenue for me.  I have done work at home stuff and scrapbooking stuff but this one focuses on free information.
Those of you who know me are aware that one of my biggest pet peeves is people who sell information.  Information especially on the internet was always meant to be free.  This is why I started Katieshugs to begin with.  I hated the fact that people were selling work at home information.  Well lately the commercials about foreclosures and government grants and government auctions where you can by houses and cars for pennies on the dollar are driving me insane.  Again, this is all information that people should not have to pay for.   SO... this is what my new website will be about.  You will be able to access all that same information for FREE... I am pretty excited about it and I hope you will be visiting!
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Ashley said...

Wow Connie, I had no idea you have been working on getting another website up and running. I hope everything gets better in the next few days. I know I'm looking forward to seeing your new website. Also I want to give you kudos for all the hard work you do and for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me.