Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Feeling good about what you do

Today has been pretty up and down.  I always feel like I have done something good when I can help another person avoid a scam. 
On one particular message board this week I have had to defend the fact that my websites use google adsense.  Well yeah!  My websites are all a part of my business and I generate money through google adsense and some other affiliate links.
Now I am not one of those people who try to push those weird data entry affiliate programs.  My affiliate links are all for things like clubmom, stores, etc.  Yet this one person was having an absolute tizzy fit and claiming that I wasn't being honest or trying to help anyone, I was only trying to make money.
This has really bothered me all week.  Today though, there was who wrote a very nice post using a lot of common sense and agreed that it was okay to make money from your website as long as you were giving honest information and such.  Whew! 
I don't know why I needed this validation but I did.  When I started my website I never even knew you could make money.  I found the affiliate links that fit in perfectly with my website quite by accident.  I also found google adsense by accident.  I started the website to prevent others from losing money on those paid survey lists.  I wanted to give the lists with the right information for surveys, mystery shopping, paid to drive, etc.  I didn't start it as a way to make money but that is what it turned into and I have never compromised my values to do it.  Now I feel pretty good!
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Audrey said...

I see a very clear distinction. When you offer true value to others, sales are made.

When you put next to nothing on a page and then add affiliate sites, potential buyers click off.

The fact that you are generating sales screams that have value in content on your side.

I am sorry another person made you sad.

I love that we have begun talking to one another.

Ashley said...

Sorry to hear this person upset you Connie. But I feel the same way. I started my blog to help people out on plannig an Orlando vacation. If they like what they see on my blog and click on an ad that's there choice.

Connie said...

Thank you both! Audrey you are absolutely right, you must have something of value to offer. Unfortunately there are so many scammers that a lot of people become disallusioned and feel that anyone who uses affiliate links is just trying to scam them as well. It is part of the world we live and work in and hopefully one day they will see this isn't always the case. :)