Friday, April 07, 2006

What do I do with the kids?

A frequent question that comes up is "What do I do with the kids while I am working?".  It's kind of funny when you realize that this is a question parents have whether they are working outside the home or inside the home. 
The best answer is you do whatever works for you and your kids.  In my case I am lucky enough to have a much older daughter here a few mornings every week and she is great at entertaining Katie while I get some work done.
The rest of the week isn't as easy.  I take frequent breaks to play catch or a board game.  We just finished playing a quick game of "limbo" simply because she had seen it on tv and wanted to try it. 
Yes, the tv plays a part.  Katie has her favorite cartoons like any other kid and I will let her watch while I get work done.  This is where the frequent breaks come in.  I don't want her to spend hours and hours in front of the television. 
I will also let her get on the other computer and play educational games.  
I also try to plan for the largest part of my work day to be when she is at preschool.  This gives me a guaranteed 3 hours a day that I can get work done.  Don't get me wrong, it is tempting to use that time to run errands or take a nap or just have a few minutes of quiet.  If I do that though I lose a lot of work time and I realize I would have to make up that time by taking away from my time with my daughter. 
One of the best parts of working at home is that you can set your own schedule.  Make time during school hours, during nap time and after bed time and you will find that you can get the same amount of work done in those "off" hours that you could get done in the "on" hours.   You have the chance to be creative with your work hours take advantage of it! 
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